M. Micallef Mon Parfum

21 Feb

Though this fragrance is appropriate for a wide range of occasions, I do think this would be an excellent fragrance for comforting someone who is having a bad hallucination.

Mon Parfum by Martine Micallef opens with sweet orange fuzz. It smells clean in the way that orange candy smells clean. Though orange is listed in the top notes with passion fruit in the heart, I cannot detect much tartness or acidity in Mon Parfum, and I cannot really detect the passion fruit at all, which is fine with me. It is a perfectly balanced gourmand floral.

Almost immediately, the patchouli and vetiver show up to anchor MP and lend it some depth, ensuring that the orange candy cloud won’t envelop me or drift away.

I find Mon Parfum to be incredibly satisfying. Of the four different samples MM was kind enough to give me, this one is my favorite, after the dark and mysterious Emir.

MP is like taking a walk in light fresh snow when you are wearing just the right amount of layers, with occasional hints of moist, nectar-like sweetness drifting up to your nose from the warmth of your scarf.

While I wouldn’t give it high marks for true to life- smelling notes, I have nothing against synthetic elements (if done tastefully without bitter chemical “aftertaste”). MP never jabs me with any faintly off-putting chemical notes not intended to be part of its personality. When composing a gourmand floral, I think the chemical aftertaste factor is one of the biggest risks, and Mon Parfum succeeds in avoiding it.

Its composition is fluid and seamless, never coming close to cloying. It has moderate sillage and good longevity, and is a light scent, but not really a delicate one. It proclaims: I am happy, just as I am.
Now, say it with me: “I AM HAPPY, JUS-….”

In the dry down, I am left with a sweet, clean musk that is reminiscent of the dry down in MM’s Ananda, though where Ananda’s pear-centered fruit opening and formulaic dry down does not leave much of an impression on me overall, Mon Parfum makes me want to reach for it again and again in order to relive that uplifting, fuzzy sweet orange progression.


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