Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Coconut Milk

27 Feb

Perfect Coconut Milk sometimes makes me think of Perfect Car Air Freshener.

I can see myself standing on the other side of the glass at the car wash, watching large rubber slats bombard my dad’s wood-paneled minivan with lather, as the sweet coconut smell of air fresheners, fuzzy dice, and foot well carpets make their presence known on the fluorescent-lit wall behind me.

Fortunately, there is more going on in this fragrance than that.

Perfect Coconut Milk opens with sweet marzipan candy. The nutty marzipan strikes a nice balance with the salty sweetness of the coconut and vanilla. Thanks to SHP for the lovely sample.

However, as Perfect Coconut Milk warms up on my skin, the gardenia comes out into the open. This is a light, transparent, ethereal and true to life gardenia.

The gardenia does a great job of cutting the heaviness of the almonds. It’s a nice surprise, considering that gardenia is responsible for the heaviness in many fragrances which include it.

Though the coconut itself smells somewhat synthetic, as does something in the sheer sweetness of the fragrance, this in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Despite its initial sweeter than life quality, the composition is harmonious, and it opens up into something surprisingly lovely, warm, balanced, and wearable though not delicate.

If it weren’t in the form of a fragrance oil, it would make a great room spray, since the sillage is very good. In the dry down of Perfect Coconut Milk, a lot of its original dimension disappears, leaving behind a sweet, warm musk that lasts for hours.

If you love almonds, tropical gourmands, and aren’t a bit deterred by synthetic baby doll types of scents, this one is definitely worth exploring.


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