L’Occitane’s La Collection de Grasse Preview: Jasmin & Bergamote

27 Mar

I was able to take a sneak peek of Jasmin & Bergamote at  my local L’Occitane boutique and try it out. The collection of four new fragrances won’t be officially released until April 17th according to one of the lovely SAs. I was unable to obtain a sample of this so I will do a proper review of this when it is released, as I was only able to spray it on me in the store and then rush home. Also, click the L’Occitante tab on the right column of my blog, and scroll down to read reviews of two other offerings in the La Collection de Grasse collection:  Vanille & Narcisse, and The Vert & Bigarade. To start off, here are my first impressions of Jasmin & Bergamote.

Jasmin & Bergamote is a very green, mouth watering woody floral. I don’t get any of the indolic borderline acrid qualities that jasmine, true to LIFE jasmine can sometimes have. The jasmine note here is quite prominent, but the (not too sharp) bergamot and petitgrain keep it in shimmering green territory.

This composition is excellent, but it’s not addictive in the same way that their SOON TO BE DISCONTINUED Notre Flore Jasmine is. I’ll be mighty sad to see that one go.

This is how I wish Florabotanica by Balenciaga smelled.
Like Florabotanica, J&B is also a white floral greened way down by citrus and woods, yet it is not headache-inducing or remotely cloying. L’Occitane is masterful at keeping their fragrances wearable, even when applied liberally, without making them weak or watery (Pivone excepted). This would be good for a casual setting as well as for a more special occasion. The bergamot insures that it’s not too heavy for daytime wear. It projects moderately and lasts all day and evening on my skin.

L’Occitane’s (soon to be gone forever) Notre Flore Jasmine happens to be my favorite Jasmine soliflore on the market. It really sparkles and is allowed room to breathe and glow on my skin. It’s more translucent and delicate than the jasmine flower itself, as if the perfumer took the flower and stole all of its best qualities in order to showcase them.

The jasmine note in Jasmin & Bergamote on the other hand, is so well blended with its surrounding elements, that I feel it is closer to the jasmine in L’Occitane’s The Vert with Jasmine, than their Jasmine soliflore. Just substitute the green tea note with green citrus, and woods.

mermanPerfect for anyone who wants a sturdy green floral without complete citrus overload. It invokes a thorough yet  non-specific feeling of serenity and when gifting it to someone, I think it would be a very safe choice. Just wearing it today I have received a bunch of compliments, from my mother as well as from strangers.

Another solid refreshing composition from L’Occitane.


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