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Aquolina Pink Sugar

2 Apr

Here’s the progression of Pink Sugar on my skin:
black licorice—->pink spun sugar—->vanilla caramel

Pink Sugar opens with the strong sweet scent of chewy black licorice candy and little else. After about 20 minutes, the black licorice diminishes significantly and is replaced by fluffy vanilla spun sugar and a sweet milk note, which by a long shot- could translate to pralines, creme brulee or caramel and nougat. Take your pick.

Pink sugar is a unique gourmand because of the heavy and prominent licorice top notes, and even if you aren’t a huge licorice fan, just wait patiently until the top notes have dissipated. The dry down is softer and milkier, without ever becoming obnoxious or cloying. Apply responsibly!

If applied with discrimination (one spray), it does not project a lot, so it’s appropriate for any situation where you’d want to smell like a candy ball. It’s longevity is considerable. I like it because it ends in sweet milk, as opposed to the dusty shapeless musk so common in contemporary gourmand scents. Absolutely worth experiencing…
for the experience.

This lasts close to forever on skin. It’s like an olfactory temporary tattoo. Be ready for the commitment.

Aquolina Gold Sugar

13 Mar

Jelly Belly jelly bean candies feature “recipe ideas” on the backs of their bags, which are very similar to the fragrance layering concept.

The idea goes something like this:
Hot Cinnamon Jelly Belly + Green Apple Jelly Belly=
Apple Pie!

Lemon Jelly Belly + Cream Soda Jelly Belly=
Lemon Meringue Pie!

I think the notes in Gold Sugar by Aquolina have a similar quality, and the outcome is a complete recipe for a tropical vanilla CGI milkshake. Gold Sugar is a great example of the Japanese concept of Kawaii, meaning “adorable in a cool way.”

Gold Sugar starts off with diet lemon-lime soda in the opening, and a generic coconut-flavored jelly bean note… not exceptionally creamy yet, but extremely sweet.

Once it opens on my skin, faint and pretty CGI florals appear, as well as a creaminess which is half-way between a bubble bath, and a vanilla ice cream or cream soda-scented body lotion.

Once the diet lime soda fades, the heart reveals a warm almost spicy sweetness on top of the milkiness which really does smell like a loose interpretation of vanilla custard with caramelized sugar on top. Maybe it’s vanilla custard realized as a scented lotion or a candle… or, a fragrance.. Miles from the real thing, but pleasant nonetheless.

Gold Sugar projects well and the warm sugary milk scent goes on and on. The diet lime soda in the opening had me suspicious, but once it calms down, it’s a creamy vanilla (jelly)bean…

If this really was a jelly bean, I would save it for last along with my other favorite flavors. I bet it would combine really well with the peach…

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