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Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee

21 Feb

This is a dry, powdery vanilla that brings to mind the crumbly frosting around the edges of the mixing bowl that has hardened into a vanilla crust which cannot be re-constituted. That said, it is not a sweet butter cream vanilla, so much as a vanillin powder scent. There is something very faint, which occasionally causes me to turn my head, wondering if that particular note came from Vanilla Insensee, or somewhere else. It’s not an aquatic fragrance by any means, but here and there, something similar in color emerges from the wood notes and catches me off guard.

The spice, woods, and mild citrus notes create a kind of synthetic undercurrent as if the vanilla has been “polluted” instead of complimented. It’s also somewhat reminiscent of a low-mid range hotel room when you first walk through the door. No-smoking.

Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal

21 Feb

Vetiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne smells like the entire plum tree, in the way L’Artisan’s Premier Figuier smells like the entire fig tree: limbs, leaves, fruit and roots.

It opens with a cedary citrusy almost barbershop tonic, which quickly transforms into the sweet earthy freshness of dark purple fruits and leaves. There is nothing overly pungent about this plum tree, and as others have noted, it is surprisingly smooth.

Once the nectar-like quality of the plum begins to calm down, it is replaced by a creamier, earthier incarnation of itself, with the brown/pink sweetness of Haitian vetiver, and a combination of greenly spicy woods.

This perfectly balanced fragrance goes through fluid yet distinct phases, each one thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely unisex.

Sillage is average, and longevity is somewhat low, but it comes in a very large and tasteful bottle, so you can apply it liberally.

In the dry down it is a sweet earthy scent, like sun warmed fruit and blossoms among leaves.

Vetiver Fatal is the feeling of sweet green shade. It is the sensation of hearing that your flight to Key West is now boarding. It is catharsis and excitement. It is ready to GO! (and never look back).

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