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Tuberose Challenge: Bond No 9’s I Love New York Earth Day vs. Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower

11 Apr

I did a side by side comparison of I Love New York Earth Day and Carnal Flower, since both are powerful green tuberose fragrances. I Love New York Earth Day is more homogeneous, exceedingly smooth, and the green aspect here is sweeter and translucent, though the fragrance overall is declarative and a great projector.

Pronounced as it is, Earth day has zero sharp edges and rough spots. It’s not even grounded next to Carnal Flower. It’s more like a luminous tuberose liquid, or something that hovers in the air.I find it to be an extremely wearable floral with great longevity, but after a time, something subtly generic/synthetic-smelling emerges in the base, which makes me lean in favor of Carnal Flower’s superior ingredients and crisp, articulated profile. Synthetic hues have no place in this particular green soliflore. Over time, the smooth elixir quality of Earth Day continues to sublimate into an ephemeral and relatively unremarkable state, while Carnal Flower retains its dimension and unwavering decisiveness.

Carnal flower is standing firmly planted on the ground: High heels, ballgown, and hand held way out in front of her to “yield”. Carnal Flower is majestic as #&%@! She’s compositionally layered and dynamic, multi-faceted, sweet, green, vibrant, sparkling, rich, and you can not sneak past her. She’s right in the middle of the cross-walk, with textural green elements containing an almost mentholated tinge. She warns you that you better wear her before she wears you; a challenge you gladly accept. She is daring you to dodge her, to get around her, but you know you’ll never succeed. Better just to surrender. Alright, Carnal Flower. Game over.. you win.


Bond No 9 I Love New York for All

10 Mar

I ❤ New York for All by Bond No 9 is smooth black leather gloves, cupping a generous handful of artificially flavored cocoa cereal with a dusting of instant coffee powder and black pepper. I wonder what the corn syrup content of this stuff is… or maybe they use Stevia.

There are slightly flowery and milky elements as well in the opening, though the above description pretty much sums it up for me.

When I smelled it on a test strip, my first thought was, “cinnamon toast!” because of the peppery aspect of the cocoa/coffee note, and the butteryness of the entire composition.

Now that I am experiencing its development on my skin, I can see that it is just as much a vanilla oriental as it is a gourmand. I do not want to eat this leather-gloved hand overflowing with unconventionally dressed chocolate cereal. I don’t entirely mind it either. It is very well blended but retains good note separation, and the vanilla/coffee milk becomes more prominent as it dries down.

The subtle floral in it keeps it fresh, and the milkiness keeps it from being too loud. The projection and longevity are very good. This would probably cling to clothing forever if applied directly to it.

I still feel like there is some cinnamon in there…

I’ll get over it.

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Rose Strang

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