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Bvlgari Omnia Coral

17 Mar

It’s Christmas at the Dollar Store!

Omnia Coral smells like walking through the pharmacy around Christmas time and smelling the variety of “berry”, “fresh white snow” and “winter woods” scented candles to make your house more festive and fresh during the holidays.

The mix I get of sweet and sour RED CGI berries and florals, fresh aquatic notes, and a surprisingly potent evergreen tree room spray-like cedar note creates the red, green, and white scented candles spread out on both sides of the aisle, under the fluorescent light.

Omnia Coral is much more vibrant than Crystalline. It’s generic scented candle vibrant. It does not project a lot but hold your nose up to your skin and WHAM!

Fragrance in your face!

It’s a candle that has never been lit. Longevity is pretty good, and it dries down to a berry candy powdery musk. This stage reminds me of red Pixie-Stix candy powder in the paper straws.

I know I compared it to inexpensive candles, but Coral does not smell bad. It just smells like a festive collection of colored scented wax, which smells better than a lot of things…sometimes.


Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

15 Mar

Omnia Crystalline smells like an anime princess.

She has soft green eyes containing a sense of tranquility, and translucent sparkly hair which flows down to her knees. Her dress matches her eyes and hair. she has a crystal in the center of her forehead for some reason, as does her horse,(her best friend and confidant).

She is delicate and ethereal. Her proportions are impossible, and she shimmers like an optical illusion; she’s definitely not of this world.

Omnia Crystalline smells like sweet synthetic pear with a very light fruity musk, some powdery notes, and translucent CGI florals. There is a discernable aquatic note as it develops on my skin, which compliments the sweetness of the pear.

Crystalline wears close to the skin, and lasts all day, however daintily. Great for casual wear, and also special moments like mother-daughter bonding, mental health days off from work, etc.

There isn’t much going on here, but for that reason, this fragrance is almost impossible to have strong negative feelings about, since it’s only an anime princess.

How could anyone hate an anime princess?

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