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Chanel Bleu de Chanel

2 Mar

Bleu de Chanel has a very strong lemony citrus opening. It almost crosses into Pledge territory with the top notes, but there’s some spicy sweetness to temper it and keep it in check. The sourness of the lemon diminishes significantly after the first ten minutes, and the result is a pretty average masculine lemon and incense with woods composition. Projection and longevity are both pretty low. The drydown fades into sweet powdery woody incense. Ho hum..

Bleu de Chanel is a young professional who lives a comfortable life but is disconnected from it. He takes his dates to quaint fancy overcrowded restaurants which he loves reading about in his spare time. He makes good money, wears almost exclusively Banana Republic (because it’s nice and convenient), and his New Year’s resolution is always to find new hobbies such as: “figure out which type of music I enjoy.”

He is kind and friendly, but for some reason, he just isn’t the least bit sexy or seductive, even though he has a motorcycle.

He is physically unremarkable, and wholly unimpressive. Perhaps the World would be a better place if there were more people like him, or maybe it would just be more crowded. If I had to choose between offerings from Chanel, I would select Egoiste Platinum over Bleu de Chanel any day.

Just this side of “dime a dozen” (bonus points for niceness).

Chanel Egoiste Platinum

2 Mar

Egoiste Platinum smells like the Platonic form of “Brand New.”A new pair of kicks, a new car, a new phone, boxer briefs, a yacht, it doesn’t really matter what the thing is,(maybe not a new human… this smells nothing like a baby, thank God) but in a commercial sense, Egoiste Platinum is the ultimate essence of NEW.

This is not to say that it smells like something never invented before. I mean new in the sense of unused. It’s more like what would happen if a master perfumer were given a description of a basic, modern, non-citrus, aromatic men’s fragrance, and was then told to make that scent into a work of art.

Egoiste Platinum is an iconic rendition of itself. It is larger than life, and its composition fuses with the wearer’s chemistry, instead of clashing, or sitting idly on top of it until it wears away. Sillage and longevity are both decent.

Egoiste Platinum is the perfect example of what my sister and I half-jokingly refer to as “Hot Guy Smell.” There’s a store that sells razors and massage chairs (I think?…never really looked around) at the shopping center at Columbus Circle in New York City. This store constantly pumps “hot guy smell” into the air, and whenever we pass it, we have to enter to take a couple deep breaths, before turning right around again and leaving without buying crap. I mean, who really cares!… Stepping in for a few whiffs of Hot Guy never hurt anyone.

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