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Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel: Vintage vs. New

3 Mar

If for some reason, I were forced to rename Grey Flannel, I would call it Verdant Bomb. Thanks to fellow fragrange blogger Bigsly, I was able to do a swap for some vintage and new samples of GF.  Then I did a side by side comparison. The difference is like night and day.

Both the new GF and the vintage share the same freshly chopped green pepper, “verdant bomb” note.

The newest incarnation of Grey Flannel by EA Fragrances, is much more of a crowd pleaser than the vintage version. It is a citrusy, fresh and flowery, bright green aura opening right away with the juicy chopped green pepper. The new version dries down to something that could have been created by L’Occitane. It is masculine but flowery and citrusy enough to be unisex for anyone who loves green landscapes or light filtering through leaves.

It smells uncannily familiar, but not because I know anyone who wears it. It’s just that accessible and good.

The vintage GF opens with something sharp, chemical and also extremely familiar only not in a welcoming way. It’s almost like aerosol fixative, industrial adhesive, or something similar that I know but I just can’t put my finger on.

It literally smells toxic in the opening, such that I could see someone trying to get high off of it.

However, it very quickly transitions out of that, into the chopped green pepper note which was hiding under that sharp chemical veil. The whole composition remains less flowery, airy, and fresh throughout its development. Something in the greenery is dark and decomposing.

The dry down of the vintage GF is spicier, drier, and arguably more interesting than the new version. Instead of being well rounded and luminous like the new GF, the vintage is a dark green silver color in my mind. The vintage smells more serious. Potentially lethal. A plant that kills. I would go for the new one over the vintage, but can see the appeal of both. Projection and longevity are very good.

Quintessential violet green.

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