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Providence Perfume Co. Divine Noir

12 May

Divine Noir is sweet, woody, earthy, balsamic, warm, tangy, and aromatic. It smells like a complex artisan root beer with a spritz of bergamot and a shot of patchouli-infused wheat grass mixed into it. It is such a beautiful offering of naturally sweet and aromatic earthiness, I feel like eating it would make me stronger and more beautiful.

It is spicy, smooth, rich and deep, but its vibrant botanical quality lends the ingredients a translucency, which prevents it from ever becoming too much. In the dead of summer I could see it being a little too heavy, but on the right person, Divine Noir is so balanced and unique that it could easily be dressed up or down. The juice is dark (obviously) so be careful when applying because if you spray directly to a small area, it can temporarily stain skin the color of sunless tanner, until your next shower. Don’t let this deter you. Just spray over a larger area so the color isn’t concentrated like a splotch, and always apply before you dress, and you’ll be fine.

Divine Noir is an invisible door you can open into a private exotic environment. It’s like chocolate and wine-colored velvet curtains draped behind antique paned-glass windows. It’s a fragrance for feeling centered and confident while at the same time welcoming and alluring.  That said, it’s definitely not a perfume  for everyone, and probably not for most, which could be a good or bad thing depending on what you are looking for.

The bergamot and patchouli are prevalent in the opening, as well as the sarsaparilla and well, countless other things! Ahhh! It’s blowing my mind!

It honestly took me a while to find my footing in Divine Noir (as it is VERY strong and bold with good sillage and excellent longevity), but once I did, I could not stop sniffing the part of my arm I had sprayed. The most gorgeous vanilla emerges in the dry down; what a stunning finish to an incredible journey.

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An Answer to the “Glade Plug-In Generation”: Providence Perfume Company opens its doors!

2 May

WOO-HOO! I received my sampler pack of fragrances from the Providence Perfume Company yesterday, and I could not be more excited.

Providence Perfume Sampler

My order arrived in record time which is a testament to the level of quality customer service provided by Charna Ethier, founder and perfumer of Providence Perfume Company. She has just opened her first brick and mortar retail and classroom space in Providence, R.I. yet she was still able to get me my samples without delay… Talk about efficient!

I was first introduced to the Providence Perfume Co. and its founder,  at the Elements Showcase in Autumn of 2012 in New York City. I was really moved by Charna’s positive attitude and warmth, as well as her vast knowledge of perfumery and her willingness to take the time to share with me and introduce me to her collections of fragrances. After meeting her in person and sampling some of her offerings, I knew that she stood out from the crowd, and that her creations were something to be honored.

I am putting my money on Charna, not just by literally investing in her fragrances, but also in an idealistic sense.  Providence Perfume Company uses all natural ingredients.  This is not natural in the Pacifica sense of the term. I mean ACTUALLY all-natural. And yet, her fragrances smell like so much more than a combination of tinctures and essential oils mixed together, which is the feeling I get from so many all natural and organic perfume companies.

Charna understands perfume as art, and perfume as beauty, and most importantly, ART AS BEAUTY, which is something the art world, and arguably the perfume world, has largely let fall by the wayside in favor of more lucrative considerations.

What good is an “interesting creative” fragrance if it is not also a thing of beauty? Charna Ethier understands this, and I eagerly look forward to her continuing success and her future creations. She gives me hope for the world of perfume,  and unquestionably, for the art world as well.

Check out my reviews of Moss Gown and Hindu Honeysuckle to learn more about some of her  exceptional fragrances.

For more information on Providence Perfume Co.’s new boutique, check out this lovely article on

Also, see the Providence Perfume Co. website, where I purchased my awesome and very reasonably priced sample kit!

In an excellent interview with Charna by Jodi Battershell of Fragrantica,  Jodi quotes a card that she received from Charna which perfectly sums up the goal of Providence Perfume Co.:

“I want as many people as possible to get to smell osmanthus flower, real buttery tuberose, exotic coffee flowers and tonka beans. It’s so sad to think about kids growing up never getting to smell a real lilac or lavender. I call them the ‘Glade Plug-In’ Generation.”

The Glade Plug-In generation, the CGI floral generation, the SSRI floral generation: no matter how you characterize the fragrances marketed to us, or the generation(s) we are a part of , we are fortunate to have artists like Charna relentlessly working to show us the value of the authentic.

My congratulations and sincere gratitude to Charna Ethier and Providence Perfume Co.!  We are so lucky to be able to share in your beauty.

Providence Perfume Co. Hindu Honeysuckle

7 Apr

At last! My search has officially ended.

I have finally found the sweet, airy and powerful true-to-life honeysuckle-centered fragrance of my dreams. Hindu Honeysuckle is magical. It is the perfection of summer, distilled.

One spray to each arm, and the most gorgeous realistic cloud of honeysuckle aroma enveloped me. It was euphoria.
Moments later, my boyfriend (who is extremely discerning about fragrance) turned his head and from ACROSS THE ROOM exclaimed, “that smells incredible.” I looked up at his face and there were tears in his eyes. I kid you not.


Hindu Honeysuckle is a clear and transportive honeysuckle fragrance, conjuring memories of peaceful childhood summers in nature. It has amazing projection and longevity just like the real honeysuckle vine. This is an especially grand accomplishment considering that all-natural fragrances tend to be lacking in the sillage/life-span department.

Hindu Honeysuckle also has depth and complexity, with a prominent ambrette note from the opening, along with lighter coriander and bergamot, then vetiver to give it a green aromatic earthiness. These elements set off the features of the honeysuckle flowers even more, so that they are sparkling and full of light. Jasmine and bergamot linger in the dry down. It is extremely well blended, yet it retains great note separation.

The earthy/herbal elements also enforce that this is a unisex fragrance. It is very impressive that it is an all-natural fragrance because it is so vibrant and layered. However, by any standards (natural or synthetic, niche, indie, or whatever), it is a transcendent and awe-inspiring feat of alchemy.

I would say that Hindu Honeysuckle is worth every penny, but to me it is priceless. It seems wrong to put a figure on something of such arresting, unquantifiable aesthetic value. I personally feel that it is too beautiful to be an every day fragrance (though it’s easy to wear and definitely could be one if you chose), and instead something to wear when you want to create beautiful memories and lasting positive associations. It would be ideal for a special occasion or a sacred personal ceremony. This joyous peaceful fragrance would be a great gift to the person for whom you want to show infinite gratitude; that’s just what I think of when I smell it!

If you love honeysuckle or have never smelled it before and want to know exactly what it smells like, this is the fragrance for you. Trust me, it does NOT get better than this.

Providence Perfume Co. Moss Gown

21 Feb

Thank you so much for the sample, Charna Ethier.

Moss Gown is unquestionably “of the Earth.” The ingredients are extremely high quality, and the fragrance is so transportive, that I think it should only be used in sacred ceremonies, which is not to say that it’s not wearable. It is definitely accessible and delightful to wear.

It’s the sweetness of dried grass and sunflower heads that drifts through an open barn door, where you stand in the shade next to leather saddles and a spigot that has been dripping water onto the same stone slab for decades.

It’s contained in the swirl of steam rising from the porcelain cup of yellow chrysanthemum tea, with a single clear rock of crystallized sugar slowly dissolving at the bottom. It’s late afternoon in Beijing and you lazily watch the people on the street through the window of the restaurant while waiting for your tea to cool.

It is the honeyed balsamic scent of a meadow in the evening after the Sun has been beating down on it all day. It’s the sweetness found in a handful of dried petals.

It’s on a farm in a place where you only get to visit, but when you are there it’s absolutely tranquil no matter where you look.

This fragrance is so deeply relaxing that it comes all the way around the spectrum and makes me feel excited.
I think it’s love.

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