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Red Flower Organic Perfume Champa

23 Mar

Champa has a sweet bitter floral aura. Floral Aura. Say that five times fast.

Like fellow blogger Sherapop, I can not discern a whole lot in the way of individual notes, but I can pull out geranium essential oil, palmarosa, and something like sweet orange. When I exhale, there is a strange oily note sort of like petroleum jelly.

Champa is simultaneously smooth, sweet, earthy, balsamic, and sharp. It is very well blended, though in terms of its composition, it leaves me with some unanswered questions. Thank you to the lovely people at Red Flower for the sample.

Champa’s floral mixture conjures up a round shape and orange-yellow hue for me, but it also has a sinus-tingling potency from some of its bitter notes that makes me think it would repel insects.

It reminds me of Nature’s plethora of compelling warning signals, reminding potential enemies that it’s as deadly as it is pretty. It lasts quite a while but it does not project very far. However, something tells me insects can somehow smell this from miles away.

Champa seems like it was intended to be more of a functional fragrance than an aesthetic one. I get this sensation with quite a few (but definitely not all) essential oil-blend all natural-type fragrances.

Sweet orange, earthy bitter geranium, palmarosa, and Vaseline? This is not a bad scent and it gets the job done.. What that job specifically IS remains to be seen. I’ll try it again in mosquito season. I’m not joking. Mosquitoes love me.

Red Flower Organic Perfume Guaiac

17 Mar

This fragrance is bright citrus Christmas.

Guaiac by Red Flower Organic Perfume reminds me of a holiday gift basket filled with large, perfectly ripe grapefruits resting on a table with a centerpiece made from bundles of assorted twigs tied with red ribbons. There is a fireplace in the room that is used regularly but the fire is not burning in this fragrance, though the wood is slightly charred.This grapefruit is not spicy, so the Christmas picture is only half there, but for this reason, I think Guaiac would be excellent for layering (though it does work on its own).

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I am not saying that this is a Winter frangrance. However, grapefruit is a Winter fruit, so that is in part, why Guaiac paints a Winter scene for me.

Guaiac is a very clean scent. It is a realistic fresh sweet grapefruit with faint undertones of woody notes which smell almost smoky or roasted, but not quite. They are hiding under a cloud of very true to life grapefruit, so it is difficult to pull them apart. As it opens on my skin, I can detect a faint tea rose in the background, in addition to the woods. This fragrance is very light, and would be great aromatherapy for anyone who enjoys real citrus with a few hints of something extra. Thank you to Red Flower for the beautiful sample.

Guaiac would also be perfect for someone who prefers essential oil blends to other types of fragrances. It would be good to wear while studying to improve concentration and clear one’s thoughts, calm the nerves, or to overcome nausea. Projection is very low, and longevity is average for an all-natural perfume. I wear it to bed because it puts me in a restful, meditative state.

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