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Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto

12 May

Manifesto smells like CGI wood, sweet powder, and tangy dark berries. On the exhale, there is a sweet airy vanilla.

Manifesto is the older, more daring and devilish cousin of Viva la Juicy. It is definitely a contemporary composition. When I first tried it about four months ago, I could not STAND it, but now that I am more familiar with the vast array of generic vanillic offerings that make up this particular fragrance family, I don’t mind it at all. It’s projection and longevity are about average, not unlike Viva la Juicy.

There is a syrupy synthetic DNA code in there that cannot be ignored. However, if you decide to embrace Manifesto for what it is, it can be comforting, reassuring, and ::gulp:: … sexy.


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Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne

20 Mar

…off the beaten berry path, across the train tracks and over to the electrical plant. Scandalous! Don’t get caught. See the huge sign on the barbed-wire fence that reads NO TRESPASSING? That means YOU, girly.

Parisienne is blackberry candy on the inhale, truck exhaust on the exhale…tangy purple gourmet lollipop on the inhale, asphalt and plastic casing on the exhale…

Wait, am I HUFFING this fragrance in an attempt to figure out what it smells like!? Does that mean I like it, or that something about it is oddly compelling, likes and dislikes aside…

There is a soapy dark chemical shadow in the background of this bright purple sweet and sour candy berry fragrance.

It’s like Strawberry Shortcake’s questionable older cousin: Blackberry Tail Pipe.

I think there is something surprisingly alluring about Parisienne. It has that synthetic purple berry “freshness” that actually goes well with the surrounding sooty chemicals and powder.

This projects a good distance, especially in warmer weather, so it’s probably best for outdoor activities and days when you will be doing a lot of traveling instead of sitting in one place for hours on end. Not something you want to stew in. Better to get wafts of it as you go about your day. It lasts straight through the day and into the evening.

When the berries eventually fade, cold florals take their place as the powder and shadowy industrial notes carry on.

Blackberry Candy *Plus*.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

2 Mar

L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is a warm, light, slightly fruity and spicy fragrance. It has a uniform color and temperature, instead of showing off each of its individual notes. It is slightly reminiscent of Om from the Gap.

L’Homme plays nice. It’s spice without leather, tobacco, booze or smoke. It’s clean and contemporary. After the first fifteen minutes, I detect a powdery warmth, like a slightly fruity musk. Projection and longevity are low, which I actually don’t mind in this instance.

L’Homme is walking along a manicured tree-lined path on the campus of a prestigious University. It’s humid but it’s not going to rain. It’s old growth trees without being anywhere near a forest. It’s early Spring in the South. L’Homme is the embodiment of gentle, soft-spoken masculinity. It’s a corduroy jacket and arms full of books.

It is inviting in a casual way, which could turn more sensual at any moment, but doesn’t push the wearer in either direction. It isn’t pushy. It accepts you as you are. Maybe along with the books, L’Homme is also holding an apple.
I’d bite it.

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