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Cedre Parfums 06130

22 May

Cedre is a wood and flower ghost fragrance.  It reminds me of a Shirley Jackson novel. It is amazing to me how many forms a Cedre fragrance can have. This one surprised me with its ethereal character.

A very light, pretty, powdery cedar with a faint barbershop quality from the violet. Despite its barbershop leanings, Cedre could be worn with ease by a man or a woman, because it is soft and slightly sweet.

It is very light, and well-blended so that the voilet, musk and cedar all weigh in about equally. Its projection is low and it does not last very long, but it would be appropriate for any occasion as a result. Maybe not for a loud party. Then again, who knows?

Cedre is the whispering voice of a beautiful female ghost who wanders the halls of an old bed & breakfast outside of town. She retreats to the lace of the curtains on the windows, but comes out to breathe her delicate sweet perfume right before you round the corner to discover no one is there.

Serge Lutens Cedre

23 Feb

An artisan crafted birch beer, a bake shop, and beams of Sunlight penetrating a dark forest.

Cedre is a rich amber fragrance opening with cinnamon and labdanum. It contains that signature Lutens rich amber “hum”, though the intensely resinous cedar ( like the entire living tree, or  a stack of freshly chopped firewood) in the composition gives it clarity, preventing it from turning into a syrupy mess. It’s more like a wood-burning stove baking up fresh cinnamon buns.

Cedre has an effervescent quality like an artisan-crafted all-natural birch beer, and the labdanum makes the sweetness smooth, warm, and wearable. It is a basket of sweet and spicy offerings from the forest floor to the canopy. It is the sweetness found naturally in forest air, distilled.

The longer I wear it, the more I notice new and beautiful details. The tuberose is more of a stage hand than a lead role, virtually invisible, just there to keep everything together and running smoothly.

Cedre projects moderately, and its longevity is average. This fragrance takes some time to warm up to, but it sparkles on the skin. This may be my favorite gourmand to date.

This is an interesting alternative to the greener, less sweet and resinous cedars, which reside on the drier woody side of the material. Serge Lutens Cedre is cedar that has been warmed and honeyed by the Summer Sun soaking into it all day, with a bee hive suspended from its branches, and the aroma of other spicy plants and earthy elements floating in the forest air.

It is nature magically transformed into an all-natural confection, sweet and spicy as candy, but without a trace of kawaii.

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