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Puredistance M

13 Mar

M by Puredistance is a cowboy.

M starts off with sweet and salty leather, and warm smoky spices. There is an earthiness which smells like freshly cured leather and vetiver.

The color of the leather pulses like a neutron star in the night. At times, the leather is sweeter and spicier with carnation, cinnamon and labdanum, at times it is more earthy and green with oakmoss, rose, vetiver and patchouli.

M is potent, unified yet multi-faceted, and unforgiving. It projects over the river and through the woods, and it lasts all the way to grandmother’s house. Look out, grandma! The wolf is on his way.

M is a dark, masculine, and seductive character who is known by a letter instead of his full name; that is the gravitas of his mysterious, alluring personality.

Spicy sweet, smoky, salty, earthy, LEATHER.
The florals add to the incense quality of the spices, but all in all this is a leather-centered fragrance. Where would a cowboy be without his cows?

I would ride off into the Sunset smelling this on my skin. If only fairy tales were real.

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold

4 Mar

Evening Edged in Gold is a fragrance power animal, though I employ the term “power animal” here, in the most abstract sense of the concept: Mysterious and seemingly generated with the intention to give certain individuals tremendous strengths.

EEIG opens with mildly sweet, slightly under-ripe plums against dark wood and leather. If you don’t like leather in your fragrances, steer clear. This combination of notes results in new, barely cured, slightly salty, large green olives. The wood present in the opening reminds me of old wooden rafters in an art studio.

Evening Edged in Gold smells a little like strangely intoxicating flowers against a backdrop of fresh white paint in a large open studio with one wall of exposed brick and skylights. There are tubes of paint on rolling shelves and large canvases on wooden racks lining the walls. There is no one here.

Evening Edged in Gold is a quiet fragrance, though it has a firm presence. Projection and longevity are pretty good. It is softly dark, like an art studio closed for the night. All of its potential is presently at rest. I find it extremely unique, but also perfectly wearable. Easily unisex.

I would wear this for an occasion where I wanted to console myself while asserting my independence. Writing in a coffee shop or taking a solo trip to explore a new neighborhood. It is introspective without being distracting.

It is a wonderful treatment of soft, dry, earthy leather. It is deliberate but airy. The initial burst of sweetness in the opening which appears periodically throughout the development and in the dry down, reminds me of the darkness and sweetness of finished works of art, at rest in storage. They are quietly vibrating with their individual energies, like those things in nature that are beautiful but somehow manage to exist without demanding any recognition. In the dry down, a synergy of the notes takes place.

The dry down reminds me slightly of a more subtle, more tastefully executed, fluid, harmonious, and fresh/natural relative of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. The dry down is really complementary to the natural scent of skin. Out of all of the fragrances Ineke was kind enough to let me experience, this is by far my favorite.

A rare and inspired, self-sufficient dark beauty.

Tom Ford Noir

27 Feb

Tom Ford Noir is the scent of being an outsider. It is walking in steel-toe leather boots through an industrial park where large gates and fences prevent you from seeing which materials are being stored and manufactured.

It is heat rising off the tracks as you wait for the commuter train to pick you up in Newark.

It’s Summer Sun on a tar roof of a house across the street from an Exxon Mobile refinery sans the sulfur.

It’s masculine in a Werner Herzog kind of way, which is not to say he would wear it, (I don’t think he would), but he might make a movie about a place that smelled from it.

It is salty, oily, black rubber (maybe a dark purple that looks black) with chemical heat and the sparkle of minerals. It has a sweetness that is suspicious, like an otherworldly stench floating down-wind from a factory.

It has fantastic projection and lasts forever. In fact, it will probably still be here long after we are all gone. It’s almost a sentimental fragrance in that way.

It’s memorable and surreal, like Winter train tracks in the distance, that lead to a depressed town in Connecticut, where once there was a thriving port, but now there is only the Coast Guard,a few dive bars, and a nuclear sub base.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

26 Feb

Tom Ford Black orchid starts with a pink/purple puff of sweet air like a whiff of a sweet chemical bi-product from an unknown location in Newark, New Jersey. It makes you think of vapor from the runoff from some sort of fragrance factory where super sweet fragrances are bottled. You try to figure out which direction the wind is blowing…

Just then, WHAM, you get hit in the face with a tire swing. Somewhat stunned, you stagger backward, touching your nose carefully to see if blood is streaming out, and when you find to great relief, that you didn’t get injured, you notice that the “pink wind” doesn’t smell nearly as off-putting as when you first noticed it.

It even smells a little like chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla creme filling and flowers mixed with rubber and burning chemicals, kind of compelling in a strange way. Then you worry that you might be concussed.

Black Orchid is a mysterious fragrance. It is standing outside, trying to take cues from the scents surrounding you, and failing.

It’s an overcast day, when the sky is an impenetrable grey, but you can’t tell for the life of you whether the cloud cover is normal water vapor or pollution.

The longer I wear it, the more I like it, but it is beautiful in the way an industrial landscape is beautiful. Scary, majestic, and so unapologetically man-made, that it commands awe.
Literally awe-some.

Nasomatto Black Afgano

21 Feb

Black Afgano reminds me of sticking my face out the window while riding shot gun, gazing at a pink purple and orange Sunset; the kind of Sunset that only chemicals can paint. It’s beauty humming like an engine, fleeting like the Sunset, and very very intense.
It also reminds me of the scent of Bazooka bubble gum, but a more natural smelling, richly designed version, enveloped by exquisite darkness. This fragrance projects an aura of internal sanctuary, like the end to an unforgettable day.

M. Micallef Emir

21 Feb

Thank you MM for the lovely samples.

So far, Emir is my favorite offering from the MM Exclusif collection. Though it is unquestionably a dark earthy and sensual fragrance, it reminds me of a cleaner, lighter, and more accessible relative of Puredistance M, by Puredistance.

Puredistance M has longevity that is beyond comprehension, whereas Emir lasts as long as you would want to smell from it (which for me is all day and into the night, instead of several days). The sillage is good and a little goes a long way, especially in warmer or humid climates.

Emir opens with peppery geranium and leather. Soon after, the patchouli and citrus appear, with cedar following close behind.

As the fragrance continues to open up, the cedar becomes quite prominent. The ceder/patchouli/oud combination smells pungent, rich, and quite earthy. There is something mysterious and also visceral about Emir.

It has an animalic,spicy,smokiness to it. It is complex and seductive like a firm masculine embrace. Though it is very masculine in nature, I have no reservations about wearing it myself, since I wear whatever I enjoy, regardless of its masculine/feminine leanings.

Emir is at once alluring and affirming. It’s like walking confidently into complete darkness without a flashlight or the slightest trace of fear.

It’s intertwining yourself with another person as you share heat in the dead of Winter, under a thick heavy blanket. Your breathing synchronizes in the darkness as sleep moves in and takes both of you in silence.

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