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Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology: L’Imperatrice 3

22 May

This fragrance smells like a cross between a Strawberry Kiwi Snapple beverage, and a watermelon Jolly Rancher hard candy. However, it does not possess the kind of sweetness that makes me want to drink it instead of wear it. I also find it to be less cloying than some of the summer Escada scents, so for anyone who enjoys those but feels they are a little “much”, this has a similar tropical fruit candy feel and is a great alternative. It also reminds me of a better executed of the new Ana Sui collection. You know, that one with the peacock cap, etc.

#3 has an ample dose of ozonic “freshness” and though the dry down is less than perfect on my clothes especially with a very slight bitterness, I do find it to be a very uplifting scent overall. It’s like an ideal summery body spray disguised by a classy, heavy glass bottle.

My boyfriend said I smelled great when I doused myself with this, (and you really can, because the longevity is only body spray length, though the sillage is considerable). If you have body spray you already love (I don’t), then this may be a waste of your time. Otherwise, a light, juicy candy scent for smelling shampoo girly-clean. MMMhmm.

The dry down smells like someone spilled a strawberry kiwi wine cooler all over my clothes. It is not attractive and it lingers for more than a day. I had to return my bottle. This calls to mind the wise words of natural perfumer and founder of Providence Perfume Co., Charna Ethier who strongly believes in building perfumes “from the base, up.”

Without a quality foundation, even light fragrances with alluring top notes can morph into an unsavory synthetic mess.

Sorry, L’Imperatrice 3.  So close, yet so far.

Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Collection: Red Currant & Cream

10 Mar

Red Currant & Cream opens with some sort of juice… Juice… JUICE… RED CURRANT!

Red Currant & Cream is the perfect example of currant in a fragrance. Red or black, it is unmistakably CURRANT. I did not notice the prominence of the currant on paper, or in the store. It was not until I brought Red Currant & Cream home and tried it on, that currant sprang at my face like a pop-up book.

Once it calms down on my skin, I begin to be able to detect elements of the other berry notes, but the bitter, almost boozy red currant continues to make its presence felt, loud and clear.

I used a ton of red and black currants when I worked in a kitchen making frozen sorbet and other desserts. I became acquainted with it as an ingredient then.. However, the first time I recognized currants as a note in perfumery, was when I tried Enchanted Forest by Vagabond Prince, which is an homage to the entire forest but especially to the black currant. As soon as Red Currant & Cream resonated in my mind, I was brought right back not to the kitchen, but to my first experience of Enchanted Forest.

It seems to me that red currant and black currant smell very similar if not identical to one another in perfumery, but VERY DIFFERENT from other berry notes.

Whereas strawberry and raspberry can often be used interchangably (especially because they are so often synthetic-smelling in fragrance), a very bold currant note could not be substituted for anything else. There is an outstanding bitterness along with the sweetness. I would describe most berries as sweet and sour, compared to the currant, which is sweet and BITTER, sometimes so much so that it goes the direction of woody/ fermented and starts to turn into berry wine.

Don’t let that discourage you from trying Red Currant & Cream. If you aren’t sure if you know what the Red Currant note is, Jo Malone provides you with the perfect example of an almost isolated currant in this fragrance.

The other berries fall to the way-side here, and the musk in the dry down develops a nice cushion for the currant to float on until it dissipates, but is nowhere near CREAM to me. I don’t really mind that though. The projection is good and a little goes a long way, so I am careful not to over-spray with this one. I would not want to be announcing, CURRANTS! GET YOUR CURRANTS HERE! to an entire movie theater. Longevity is average for JM, meaning unless you douse yourself or spray your clothing, it won’t stick around all day.

Another successfully simple and articulate scent from Jo Malone. I imagine this layering very well with something more rich, creamy and gourmand.

Serge Lutens Chypre Rouge

24 Feb

Chypre Rouge’s opening is sweet and unusual. It reminds me of a decorative tin filled with dry, loose fruit tea. It smells honeyed, fruity, mildly spicy, and slightly floral but NOT FRESH, like the fruit and tea leaves have been dehydrated and sitting in their tin for some time in the back of a cabinet. All of the notes have melded together forming one unified, ambiguously fruity tea scent.

Chypre Rouge smells like an old sachet of red fruits potpourri, intimate and nostalgic. This is a scent that does not convey elegance, refinement, or power, or even comfort. Instead, it is more of a transportive fragrance, than it is a potential compliment or accent to what the wearer brings to the table. Projection is average, and longevity is pretty good.

I find myself wondering how this fragrance would smell if only it were allowed to “open up” with the help of some boiling water, but alas, I think that Chypre Rouge is destined to remain in a perpetual state of dehydrated stasis.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Bliss

21 Feb

On first application, there is a radiating brightness from the yellow sweet and acidic tropical fruits, but Perfect Bliss does calm down on the skin fairly quickly, and within about ten-twenty minutes the vanilla, cedar and patchouli come floating to the surface of this natural and harmonious tropical fruit-scented pool, with flowers growing all around its edges.

As the scent develops on my skin, the arrival of the cedar, patchouli and vanilla against the sugary acidity of the fruit, is what wins my respect for Perfect Bliss. I don’t really know how else to say this, but this fragrance NEEDS those notes. They clean it up and keep it from becoming a fruit-scented avalanche. That, and the amazing way in which the pineapple-like potency of the opening notes mellow out in record speed make Perfect Bliss memorable, though the lingering ripeness of the papaya periodically floats up and takes me off guard. Some people might love that though. It’s not inherently bad, just heavily fruity.

It is so easy for anyone who enjoys fruit fragrances to appreciate Perfect Bliss because the notes themselves are so natural and bright, and yet there are simultaneously many subtle things going on if you examine more closely, just as in nature itself, like a cross-section of a leaf under a microscope, or the fractal of a shoreline. Thank you so much for the sample, SHP.

Perfect Bliss is the first sip of a tropical drink at the hotel’s beach bar on your first day of vacation. It’s not what you would normally order, but since you’re here, you might as well go for it. You sigh deeply as you look around and think to yourself: I finally made it. I’m here.

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