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Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil: Good Girl Gone Bad

22 Mar

Good Girl Gone Bad is like a slightly sweet, clean, opalescent powder.

The wonderful Kilian reps at Saks were so generous to give me some samples, one of which was Good Girl Gone Bad.

It is soft and gentle, but as the light hits it and it warms up, different subtle colors can be detected: pinks, greens, yellows, and blues, all pastel in nature like a real white opal. It projects about as much as an opal colored powder would, so it’s pretty much a skin scent for the duration of its moderate lifespan.

There is a vaguely fruity element to these ambiguous florals, which start off rose, and then transform into “floral blend”. Also, right from the opening are gentle woody and warm amber elements. The powdery soft peachiness of this fragrance makes me immediately think “Kilian”, though this is not my favorite from In The Garden Of Good And Evil collection, nor from his other recent offerings in the fruity floral genre.

As it dries down, the powdery soapy aspect increases until it literally feels like I have baby powder in my nose when I hold it up to my skin and breathe. The final notes contain tiny gold flecks of amber against a very faint blue glimmer of aquatic musk.

Good Girl Gone Bad is very well blended and the composition is good, but it is not memorable. It’s like a very beautiful and expensive opal ring that you go to visit at the store with the intent to buy each time, then talk yourself out of it, so that EVERY TIME you leave the store empty-handed.

You want the ring, because it’s just so pretty, and it fits you, and if you had all the money in the world, you wouldn’t give buying it a second thought.

But all things considered, it’s inexplicably just. not. good. enough. C’mon..you know it.

Bvlgari Omnia Coral

17 Mar

It’s Christmas at the Dollar Store!

Omnia Coral smells like walking through the pharmacy around Christmas time and smelling the variety of “berry”, “fresh white snow” and “winter woods” scented candles to make your house more festive and fresh during the holidays.

The mix I get of sweet and sour RED CGI berries and florals, fresh aquatic notes, and a surprisingly potent evergreen tree room spray-like cedar note creates the red, green, and white scented candles spread out on both sides of the aisle, under the fluorescent light.

Omnia Coral is much more vibrant than Crystalline. It’s generic scented candle vibrant. It does not project a lot but hold your nose up to your skin and WHAM!

Fragrance in your face!

It’s a candle that has never been lit. Longevity is pretty good, and it dries down to a berry candy powdery musk. This stage reminds me of red Pixie-Stix candy powder in the paper straws.

I know I compared it to inexpensive candles, but Coral does not smell bad. It just smells like a festive collection of colored scented wax, which smells better than a lot of things…sometimes.


The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest

21 Feb

Thank you for the generous samples, Fragrantica, and Vagabond Prince!

Enchanted Forest is a masterfully executed complex fragrance, where the complexity resides in the subtlety of the composition.

This fragrance opens with JUICE: a tart and sweet combination of what seems like true to life summer fruits: I get a fresh, ripe nectarine as well as a hint of citrus, and finally the bitter black current skin and juice with the sweetness of an aperitif. The colors that come to mind here are a warm, vibrant orange as well as a deep clear crimson/purple.

From this opening, the fragrance then takes a complete and unexpected turn, and quickly retreats from the daylight into an increasingly dense forest. Even though it’s called Enchanted Forest, I still wasn’t expecting the woods to creep up on me.

The distinct scent of coniferous woods rises into the foreground as if out of nowhere, and as the summer fruits linger, they fall back behind the woods, combining with hints of herbs and vetiver, creating a very sensual effect.

At the very opening, I felt there was something girly happening with the juicy freshness of the fruits, but within a few minutes that completely changed and I realized that this would smell extremely seductive on a man.

At a certain point in the development on my skin, the woods take over and I watch them carefully to see if they will overpower me. As anyone who has walked deep in the forest knows, this is no playground. It would be a disappointment if the woods trampled the other notes and restricted my movements, leaving me trapped.

However, at this very point, I arrive at a clearing in the trees and the woods become softened with the appearance of tiny, delicate flowers growing all over the forest floor. Their presence in this fragrance enables the black current/coniferous woods, now at an interesting crossroads, to find assurance in these tiny flowers, a reminder that the woods are magical though dark and ominous.

In the dry down there is another distinct transition, revealing the supreme delicacy of a light, vanilla-warmed amber and soft sweet musk with traces of flowers and bitter black currant occasionally floating past and then suddenly dissipating (behind the still prominent resinous woods). A hint of patchouli adds earthy dimension to the vanilla/musk in this honeyed phase.

enchanted forest

Longevity is excellent, though projection seems to reduce to a skin scent after a few hours, which is very pleasant to revisit throughout the day.

Enchanted Forest is an ideal metaphor for an enchanted forest: It is a journey that can not be replicated. Beginning with sweet anticipation, it is a flowing progression through a forest with occasional sudden turns, and pauses for wondering at the unexpected.

It is filled with hidden alcoves containing both living and decaying things, a darkness in certain places that is almost arresting, and ultimately the sense that both the wearer and the Enchanted Forest are simpatico, as the result of an omnipotent natural force.

Atelier Cologne Vetiver Fatal

21 Feb

Vetiver Fatal by Atelier Cologne smells like the entire plum tree, in the way L’Artisan’s Premier Figuier smells like the entire fig tree: limbs, leaves, fruit and roots.

It opens with a cedary citrusy almost barbershop tonic, which quickly transforms into the sweet earthy freshness of dark purple fruits and leaves. There is nothing overly pungent about this plum tree, and as others have noted, it is surprisingly smooth.

Once the nectar-like quality of the plum begins to calm down, it is replaced by a creamier, earthier incarnation of itself, with the brown/pink sweetness of Haitian vetiver, and a combination of greenly spicy woods.

This perfectly balanced fragrance goes through fluid yet distinct phases, each one thoroughly enjoyable. Definitely unisex.

Sillage is average, and longevity is somewhat low, but it comes in a very large and tasteful bottle, so you can apply it liberally.

In the dry down it is a sweet earthy scent, like sun warmed fruit and blossoms among leaves.

Vetiver Fatal is the feeling of sweet green shade. It is the sensation of hearing that your flight to Key West is now boarding. It is catharsis and excitement. It is ready to GO! (and never look back).

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