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Ineke Field Notes from Paris

7 Mar

Small empty antique bottles line the window sill in a large shower, enclosed by heavy transparent blocks. An impressive interior space in clear and frosted glass.

My sample of Field Notes From Paris from Ineke  opens with a burst of honeyed, un-smoked tobacco, earthy balsamic sweetness, and fizzy sour masculine face tonic. It is powdery, soapy, bittersweet, and very well blended.

Other tiny bottles filled with lotion, earthy warm and astringent colognes and French milled soaps are arranged on a long, clean bathroom counter.

Field Notes from Paris is a behind-the-scenes portrait of a graceful and refined older gentleman, from the perspective of a visitor.

He is out entertaining friends and as his house guest, you find yourself wandering around the intimate, tobacco-laced contours of his apartment. Particularly interesting to you, are his lavish bedroom and bathroom.

From his expensive collection of toiletries, to the colors and contents of his night stand, dresser, and the heavy purple and gold curtains blocking out the light in his bedroom, you see clearly, the side of him that he sees when he is alone.

He trusts you completely in his home, and as you wander around, You feel a little like crying, though you aren’t sure why. Maybe some day looking back it will make sense.

Ineke Evening Edged in Gold

4 Mar

Evening Edged in Gold is a fragrance power animal, though I employ the term “power animal” here, in the most abstract sense of the concept: Mysterious and seemingly generated with the intention to give certain individuals tremendous strengths.

EEIG opens with mildly sweet, slightly under-ripe plums against dark wood and leather. If you don’t like leather in your fragrances, steer clear. This combination of notes results in new, barely cured, slightly salty, large green olives. The wood present in the opening reminds me of old wooden rafters in an art studio.

Evening Edged in Gold smells a little like strangely intoxicating flowers against a backdrop of fresh white paint in a large open studio with one wall of exposed brick and skylights. There are tubes of paint on rolling shelves and large canvases on wooden racks lining the walls. There is no one here.

Evening Edged in Gold is a quiet fragrance, though it has a firm presence. Projection and longevity are pretty good. It is softly dark, like an art studio closed for the night. All of its potential is presently at rest. I find it extremely unique, but also perfectly wearable. Easily unisex.

I would wear this for an occasion where I wanted to console myself while asserting my independence. Writing in a coffee shop or taking a solo trip to explore a new neighborhood. It is introspective without being distracting.

It is a wonderful treatment of soft, dry, earthy leather. It is deliberate but airy. The initial burst of sweetness in the opening which appears periodically throughout the development and in the dry down, reminds me of the darkness and sweetness of finished works of art, at rest in storage. They are quietly vibrating with their individual energies, like those things in nature that are beautiful but somehow manage to exist without demanding any recognition. In the dry down, a synergy of the notes takes place.

The dry down reminds me slightly of a more subtle, more tastefully executed, fluid, harmonious, and fresh/natural relative of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. The dry down is really complementary to the natural scent of skin. Out of all of the fragrances Ineke was kind enough to let me experience, this is by far my favorite.

A rare and inspired, self-sufficient dark beauty.

Ineke Hothouse Flower

3 Mar

In honor of the arrival of Spring, my boyfriend folded up a bright pink origami paper flower for me, and I sprayed it with my beautiful sample of Hothouse Flower from Ineke. I also applied some to my wrists.

This Gardenia is sparkly, green and creamy. The fig gives it a fruity, earthy bitter-sweetness. The gardenia is done very well. It is warm and sweet, but the bright green leaves and earthiness keep it from becoming too heavy or cloying.

As it develops on my skin, the green notes lose their sharpness but retain their freshness, the fig gives faint hints of raw earth with sweet creamy coconut, and the notes meld together with my body heat to produce a truly alluring, nectar -like aroma. I am looking around to make sure I am not about to be attacked by humming birds. Projection is moderate, and longevity is good.

Hothouse Flower smells like Spring erupting on all sides. It’s Spring on steroids. It is extremely uplifting and soothing. I could see this being very complimentary to the aroma of a morning cup of coffee. It’s like natural anti-depressants. If you like gardenia, but dislike those heavy, sneeze-inducing, overpowering florals, this variation on a true to life green gardenia should help you begin your day on the right foot.

Ineke Chemical Bonding

21 Feb

Thank you Ineke, for the gorgeous samples. They remind me of meticulously packaged Japanese gifts, in that no detail of the presentation is overlooked.

Chemical Bonding opens with a very tart citrus black tea. I detect a light green floral thickened with musk as the fragrance opens up on my skin, though the sour lemon is persistent, with a somewhat synthetic, cleaning solvent-like character.  On my skin the lemon treads that line, but the tea and musk manage to keep it in check.

During the dry down, Chemical Bonding becomes an inoffensive peony musk. It makes me wonder what the whole thing would have been like without the musk. I wish the peony weren’t muddled by the musk and the brash quality of the lemon. If the tea and peony were louder, and the lemon and the musk softer, I think it would be gorgeous. Longevity is quite good, and its projection is moderate.

As it is, It reminds me of a petite and slightly disheveled brunette, on a rainy mission to the bibliothèque to continue her research on caryatids. Everyone seems more attractive when the alternative is studying.

Ineke Gilded Lily

21 Feb

Thank you so much, Ineke for the gorgeous sample collection.

Gilded Lily is dark, sexy, and masculine, yet it miraculously manages to retain a powdery fresh quality, never becoming cloying or sour as it develops on the skin. It only continues to open ever more gracefully, warmed by labdanum in the base. This fragrance is unique and seamless from start to finish.

Gilded Lily perfume is a tough, beautiful, Japanese-Italian girl from Queens. She is exotic and petite, but there is something firm and masculine about her posture, even though she powders her face in the rearview of her car, wears iridescent dresses, glitter like shards of glass on her eyelids, and her wavy light brown hair flows down past her waist. Though she is young, she uses a cigarette holder with confidence, and often finds herself in cheap hotels with men twice her age. There is nothing cute about her. She is a Gilded Lily. She is at once graceful, unforgettable, and morose. She is so familiar it makes you want to weep, though you have never been able to meet her, even when you held her in your arms.

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