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by Kilian Bamboo Harmony

22 May

Bamboo Harmony starts off with promising hints of citrus and sweet floral notes, but rapidly becomes an unexceptional (dusty) powdery floral tea-centered fragrance. I much prefer Water Calligraphy to this, though with Water Calligraphy, the emphasis is on sparkling sunny florals instead of tea, bergamot, and green grassy notes.

After the delightful opening, Bamboo Harmony quickly morphs into a powdery floral, and then the tea really comes out full force, but still cloaked in this powdery floral veil with a hint of ambiguous spice.

The white tea has a somewhat nose-tingling bitter element as if it has been a little over-steeped, and then cooled/muted to make iced tea, so that the notes go a little flat on my skin.

In the dry down, there is a powdery musk and the tea continues to permeate with its subtle yet persistent bite. The dry down is actually quite pleasant and ends as green as they come, but I would not choose this before any other more vibrant and simultaneously gentle (harmonious?) tea fragrances.

This reminds me of the perfume which “hangs” around a strange rich lady who is placidly looking at the same painting as you at a museum. You can tell that she is not friendly and she doesn’t notice you at all, even though you are no more than inches away. She is in her own calm, insulated and isolated world.

Like warm ice.


Cedre Parfums 06130

22 May

Cedre is a wood and flower ghost fragrance.  It reminds me of a Shirley Jackson novel. It is amazing to me how many forms a Cedre fragrance can have. This one surprised me with its ethereal character.

A very light, pretty, powdery cedar with a faint barbershop quality from the violet. Despite its barbershop leanings, Cedre could be worn with ease by a man or a woman, because it is soft and slightly sweet.

It is very light, and well-blended so that the voilet, musk and cedar all weigh in about equally. Its projection is low and it does not last very long, but it would be appropriate for any occasion as a result. Maybe not for a loud party. Then again, who knows?

Cedre is the whispering voice of a beautiful female ghost who wanders the halls of an old bed & breakfast outside of town. She retreats to the lace of the curtains on the windows, but comes out to breathe her delicate sweet perfume right before you round the corner to discover no one is there.

Comme des Garcons Green

1 May

The opening of Green smells more like a mojito than any fragrance I have ever sampled. Why? Probably because it isn’t trying to. Take THAT, Demeter!!

Green has a hint of saltiness which makes it almost wander into margarita territory, but ultimately it registers as a light, true mojito scent. Projection and longevity are low, but perhaps on someone else they would be better.

The drydown is sweet mint, accompanied by a light, earthy mineral vetiver. It reminds me of the soil clinging to the roots of the mint plant right after you pull it from the ground.

The final notes smell synthetic sweet and abstract green.

I would much rather drink a mojito, but at least Green smells good, and the mint is not obscured. Light, casual, summery mint.


All the pics From the Old Computer 2634


21 Feb

BS 003 by Lurk has an extremely mild opening, and remains very mild (though not weak or watery) throughout the duration of its development. Thank you very much, Lurk, for the beautiful sample.

BS 003 opens with the tiniest sliver of orange peel and sweet orange meat layered with what seems like bergamot essential oil, and in the background there is a mixture of freshly cut dry woods, which give a “someone is wearing citrus blend essential oil in the wood shop” sensation.

I applied a generous amount to my skin and this fragrance has almost NO SILLAGE. I have to put my nose close to my hand to smell it. Longevity is about average, but the transformations which take place in this fragrance are unexpected and noteworthy.

BS 003 is great if you are not feeling too well and still want to wear perfume without your stomach turning, or increasing your headache or having a sneeze attack. Though fine on its own, it is also ideal for layering, as I accidentally discovered when my sister spilled some Aventus on me during one of my several attempts to give this a review.

As it warms up on my skin, the notes blend together and the “wood shop” element loses what little edge it had in the opening, making it more pleasant.

Eventually, the orange and bergamot disappear, and one is left with the wood, which has surprisingly rounded out and clarified into a smooth sandalwood essential oil note. I love natural sandalwood variations from all over, and when the sandalwood emerges into plain view at the final stage of this fragrance, I applaud.

BS 003 does not make any kind of statement per se, rather, it is a gesture. Though I really enjoy it’s individual elements and it’s progression, it still lacks a certain transcendent cohesiveness which is akin to alchemy, and the mark of a work of greatness.

I believe it is possible to achieve a transcendent effect in natural perfumery without sacrificing simplicity. In the case of BS 003 however, I want it to get there and become more than the sum of its parts, and it never does. This doesn’t mean it’s not lovely, comforting, artfully constructed and well balanced, even sometimes a bit of a surprise, but it falls just short of magical.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

21 Feb

Grey Vetiver is a veil of reserved masculinity. If you had an android disguised as a human, and wanted him to smell “real” (and then get a lucrative office job), you might first want to spray him a few times with TF Grey Vetiver. It’s like a slightly synthetic clean skin scent. It is simultaneously straightforward and elusive, leaving and returning in whiffs over the course of its considerable life-span.

After the citrus opening dissipates and the vetiver emerges, one is left with a quintessentially masculine grouping of elements. It’s clean laundry with the faintest trace of fabric softener and a slightly green, salty, earthiness which smells like readymade skin scent, almost like a signature sans the perfume. Perhaps Christopher Brosius should spend some time with this one, since he “hates perfumes” so much.

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