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Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom

4 May

Osmanthus Blossom is a boldly green citrus with water/flower notes. I would rename it Petitgrain Blossom. The reps at my Jo Malone boutique were very generous to give me a big fat sample when I stopped in to say hello.

Osmanthus Blossom opens with sweet and tart, crisp juicy lychee-ish, fruity “water” notes, accompanied by bright, ambiguously green citrus medley (petitgrain with sugar-dipped lime wedges and bergamot oil…maybe even a tea note?)..

The dry down loses some of the sparkle and tang of the opening and contains mostly mild, sunny-sweet powder and green notes which again lean more toward the lotus, petitgrain-citrus direction, than any other. There is also a hint of light, ambiguous woods with the water and powder (a high-quality aquatic musk) toward the very end.

I feel that this is an easy composition, green, sweet, springy, and not representative of anything realistic.

It is an impressionistic fragrance, but my impression of the actual osmanthus bush/tree (one of my all time favorites) is not similar to this fragrance. I don’t usually get hung up on names and review for what I smell, not for what I hope, but I couldn’t help but want a true osmanthus scent from JM, since her Red Roses and Orange Blossom hit the nail on the head with such precision.

I think OB is about as compelling as the new Jasmin & Bergamote by L’Occitane. Longevity and projection are average. I won’t be owning this, but I’m not in the market for a green citrus floral.

OB is a safe bet for someone who wants to smell fresh, feminine, and ready for spring with open arms, but isn’t really sure what she wants in a fragrance, and abhors the idea of offending anyone around her. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Personally, I would be eager to see Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Co. attempt an osmanthus soliflore in the same vein as her Hindu Honeysuckle (also a petitgrain-rich composition). I feel that the osmanthus blossom must be nearly impossible to replicate, and if anything can approximate it, the palette of natural perfumery may have the upper hand.

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Bvlgari Omnia Coral

17 Mar

It’s Christmas at the Dollar Store!

Omnia Coral smells like walking through the pharmacy around Christmas time and smelling the variety of “berry”, “fresh white snow” and “winter woods” scented candles to make your house more festive and fresh during the holidays.

The mix I get of sweet and sour RED CGI berries and florals, fresh aquatic notes, and a surprisingly potent evergreen tree room spray-like cedar note creates the red, green, and white scented candles spread out on both sides of the aisle, under the fluorescent light.

Omnia Coral is much more vibrant than Crystalline. It’s generic scented candle vibrant. It does not project a lot but hold your nose up to your skin and WHAM!

Fragrance in your face!

It’s a candle that has never been lit. Longevity is pretty good, and it dries down to a berry candy powdery musk. This stage reminds me of red Pixie-Stix candy powder in the paper straws.

I know I compared it to inexpensive candles, but Coral does not smell bad. It just smells like a festive collection of colored scented wax, which smells better than a lot of things…sometimes.


Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

15 Mar

Omnia Crystalline smells like an anime princess.

She has soft green eyes containing a sense of tranquility, and translucent sparkly hair which flows down to her knees. Her dress matches her eyes and hair. she has a crystal in the center of her forehead for some reason, as does her horse,(her best friend and confidant).

She is delicate and ethereal. Her proportions are impossible, and she shimmers like an optical illusion; she’s definitely not of this world.

Omnia Crystalline smells like sweet synthetic pear with a very light fruity musk, some powdery notes, and translucent CGI florals. There is a discernable aquatic note as it develops on my skin, which compliments the sweetness of the pear.

Crystalline wears close to the skin, and lasts all day, however daintily. Great for casual wear, and also special moments like mother-daughter bonding, mental health days off from work, etc.

There isn’t much going on here, but for that reason, this fragrance is almost impossible to have strong negative feelings about, since it’s only an anime princess.

How could anyone hate an anime princess?

Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

21 Feb

On application, this fragrance forms a slightly salty halo of scent around me. In this fragrant haze of raw fruit, I can conjure an image of dried dates, and fibrous fruit pits, with an almost undetectable breeze.

As the scent develops, the breeze flips over the leaves so their undersides are exposed, revealing paler shades of green, as well as mangoes in various stages of ripening. My feet are planted in dusty earth, and the spell of the Sun is overwhelming. The earth and the Sun are both golden and this slight breeze causes the mango trees to emanate a glorious mellow aroma.

Over time, the wisps of hair in front of my eyes go unmoved, and everything seems to slow down as I stare unblinking out onto a surreal landscape.
This is the scent of actively trying to preserve a sublime memory. It’s a mantra.

It’s the sensation of not being responsible for anything except appreciating the present moment. When it settles down into a skin scent, I smell gently ripened as if I have been out in the Sun all day.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil is a portable, authentically personal space. And when I mean space, I mean A LOT of space. Ideal for transcending the mental confines of New York.

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