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M. Micallef Royal Vintage

13 May

When testing fragrances with my boyfriend I often refer to them as things that help me contextualize them for both of us, and when I tested M. Micallef’s Royal Vintage, I kept referring to it as, that Aventus one. They are definitely not the same scent, but similar enough that my familiarity with Aventus makes me automatically associate the two fragrances.

For those who are not familiar with either, they are both warm, spicy, woody fragrances rounded out by some acidic fruits with a kind of smoky pineapple quality. However, They are not so similar that one can replace the other, and I feel that each is deserving of individual consideration, even if they are close cousins. To make a designer/female analogy, if that would be helpful to anyone, they are about as similar as Kenzo Amour and Dior Hypnotic Poison are to one another.

If ever leather could be refreshing, this fragrance is a perfect example. Bergamot peel, spicy woodsy notes and smoky sweet fruitiness all revolve around a clean light leather.

This would be a great summer evening vacation scent. It is soothing and romantic, with a very casual facet.

This fragrance is incredibly well rounded and balanced. It smells tropical, masculine, and expensive. Projection and longevity are excellent so apply carefully. It actually has the lasting power of indelible ink, on me it stayed THROUGH a shower, so make sure you’re definitely in the mood to wear it! If you enjoy spicy, warm, complex masculine citrus frags and aren’t adverse to a nicely blended leather, give this one a shot.

If I woke up next to a man who smelled from Royal Vintage, I would be like, “AAAAAA!! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY BOYFRIEND!?”
But then I would take a deep breath of his Aventus, er, I mean Royal Vintage, sigh, and think to myself,

“Mhm. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

the fur coat

Il Profumi di Firenze Costa Mediterranea

6 Apr

Holy Neroli!!! Costa Mediterranea is one of those fragrances you can smell THROUGH the bottle, even if you haven’t spilled any of it on the outside.

You must have a strong stomach for this fragrance! It has otherworldly projection and longevity. It’s like the Pink Sugar of masculine citrus frags. It goes on, and on and on… so you better love it if you decide to wear it!

Costa Mediterranea starts off with potent, sinus-tingling bergamot, lemon, and herbal elements. They radiate in a way that is sharp, dry and not true to life. It employs high quality materials which definitely don’t scream lemon floor cleaner, but they are also entirely lacking the freshness of say, L’Occitane’s Verbena. Though aquatic notes are not listed, it has a very strong aquatic feel to it.

Costa Mediterranea reminds me of something that would fall into the “men’s sport” category of fragrances. Though I am not sure what to compare this to in that genre, I could envision its equivalent composition appearing in an offering from Tommy Hilfiger or Adidas, though this unquestionably has 10 times the potency. Spray it in only ONCE in the air and then walk through it, if you dare.

I made the mistake of wearing this in an office, and I could tell people were trying very hard not to look at me. I’ll never forget it. This would be an okay selection for clubbing (if you wanted everyone in the place to know you had arrived), but a terrible thing to smell while hungover the following morning. If you are sweating while wearing it, I think it projects something like 15 ft. I think this would also be appropriate for a cool, windy day spent mostly outdoors. Perhaps at the ocean, but not inside or in extreme heat. Costa Mediterranea is not a friend of the blazing Sun.

Once the razor sharp top notes have long dissipated, and it enters the dry down stage, I can detect faint florals (primarily rose), and the earthy vetiver finally emerges to join with the bergamot and lemon.

However, this is largely a citrus herbal fragrance. Don’t let the honeysuckle listed in the notes mislead you. This is a sporty citrus MONSTER. You’ve been warned. Okay gotta go wash it off now because it’s starting to give me indigestion…Guess I just don’t have the stomach.

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