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Mon Parfum Cheri, par Camille Annick Goutal, edt

1 Dec

Mon Parfum Cheri,par Camille makes my fiance physically ill because he cannot stomach its non-sweet richness. This is only for serious iris lovers. I loved it. I tested the original edt iris-heavy formulation. Many have mentioned that this perfume reminds them of old fashioned glamour. I don’t get that from it at all.

This perfume is so creamy and sour/bitter at the same time it is truly unique. It also contains a large amount of deep dry earthiness, like parched black mud in powdered form combined with candle wax, and dark purple plum skins. The tang of plum balances the fatty orris and the dusty patchouli so expertly, I’m spellbound.


The acid and alkaline components do not blend here. Instead, they remain separate and juxtaposed in an equilibrium that commands respect. I can’t believe someone actually composed it! It’s an olfactory assemblage. Truly perfume as art. Waxy, bitter, powdery, and addictive.

This is not a welcoming smell. It comes off as something you know you shouldn’t be smelling for your own health/safety, but you succumb to it anyway. Like drugs or fumes or magic. Seriously engaging.

This fragrance is now available in both edt and edp formulas, with the former being more dry/iris-heavy, and the latter focusing more on fruity nuances. The edt leans more masculine, though as a true iris lover, I prefer it.

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An Answer to the “Glade Plug-In Generation”: Providence Perfume Company opens its doors!

2 May

WOO-HOO! I received my sampler pack of fragrances from the Providence Perfume Company yesterday, and I could not be more excited.

Providence Perfume Sampler

My order arrived in record time which is a testament to the level of quality customer service provided by Charna Ethier, founder and perfumer of Providence Perfume Company. She has just opened her first brick and mortar retail and classroom space in Providence, R.I. yet she was still able to get me my samples without delay… Talk about efficient!

I was first introduced to the Providence Perfume Co. and its founder,  at the Elements Showcase in Autumn of 2012 in New York City. I was really moved by Charna’s positive attitude and warmth, as well as her vast knowledge of perfumery and her willingness to take the time to share with me and introduce me to her collections of fragrances. After meeting her in person and sampling some of her offerings, I knew that she stood out from the crowd, and that her creations were something to be honored.

I am putting my money on Charna, not just by literally investing in her fragrances, but also in an idealistic sense.  Providence Perfume Company uses all natural ingredients.  This is not natural in the Pacifica sense of the term. I mean ACTUALLY all-natural. And yet, her fragrances smell like so much more than a combination of tinctures and essential oils mixed together, which is the feeling I get from so many all natural and organic perfume companies.

Charna understands perfume as art, and perfume as beauty, and most importantly, ART AS BEAUTY, which is something the art world, and arguably the perfume world, has largely let fall by the wayside in favor of more lucrative considerations.

What good is an “interesting creative” fragrance if it is not also a thing of beauty? Charna Ethier understands this, and I eagerly look forward to her continuing success and her future creations. She gives me hope for the world of perfume,  and unquestionably, for the art world as well.

Check out my reviews of Moss Gown and Hindu Honeysuckle to learn more about some of her  exceptional fragrances.

For more information on Providence Perfume Co.’s new boutique, check out this lovely article on Fragrantica.com.

Also, see the Providence Perfume Co. website, where I purchased my awesome and very reasonably priced sample kit!

In an excellent interview with Charna by Jodi Battershell of Fragrantica,  Jodi quotes a card that she received from Charna which perfectly sums up the goal of Providence Perfume Co.:

“I want as many people as possible to get to smell osmanthus flower, real buttery tuberose, exotic coffee flowers and tonka beans. It’s so sad to think about kids growing up never getting to smell a real lilac or lavender. I call them the ‘Glade Plug-In’ Generation.”

The Glade Plug-In generation, the CGI floral generation, the SSRI floral generation: no matter how you characterize the fragrances marketed to us, or the generation(s) we are a part of , we are fortunate to have artists like Charna relentlessly working to show us the value of the authentic.

My congratulations and sincere gratitude to Charna Ethier and Providence Perfume Co.!  We are so lucky to be able to share in your beauty.

Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses

19 Mar

Liaisons Dangereuses is like jumping up and down on the king-sized bed when you’re not supposed to.

It would be perfect for the girl who has everything, because it smells like a symbolic summation of everything she has.

It’s the irresistible beauty of youth, the freedom of wealth, and the gift of originality. The lovely and knowledgeable Kilian reps at Saks were so wonderful to let me try a sample. Thank you so much Kim and Will!

Liaisons Dangereuses opens with freshly sliced peaches, followed by delicate baby powder surrounding the crisp green leaves of one of the most gorgeous roses I have ever smelled in a fragrance! It literally made me see fireworks in my head.

As it warms up on my skin, all of the notes fuse into an intoxicating translucent Summer hue, with the black currants really coming into focus in the dry down.

It smells like the appearance of golden orange orchid petals, or the scented powder my mom gave me before I had ever worn a perfume, making me feel indescribably pretty and sophisticated.

It’s like a young girl proudly tromping and wobbling through the house wearing her older sister’s high heels.

I don’t care what the name is, or how much it costs.. I even forgot what I was supposed to be doing today.

Liaisons Dangereuses takes you firmly yet softly and wipes your slate clean. Just like that.

It doesn’t last very long, but nothing of this caliber ever seems to. Would you even want it to? How would anything ever get done? All I’m really saying is,

WOOOOO!…that’s good stuff.

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

15 Mar

Omnia Crystalline smells like an anime princess.

She has soft green eyes containing a sense of tranquility, and translucent sparkly hair which flows down to her knees. Her dress matches her eyes and hair. she has a crystal in the center of her forehead for some reason, as does her horse,(her best friend and confidant).

She is delicate and ethereal. Her proportions are impossible, and she shimmers like an optical illusion; she’s definitely not of this world.

Omnia Crystalline smells like sweet synthetic pear with a very light fruity musk, some powdery notes, and translucent CGI florals. There is a discernable aquatic note as it develops on my skin, which compliments the sweetness of the pear.

Crystalline wears close to the skin, and lasts all day, however daintily. Great for casual wear, and also special moments like mother-daughter bonding, mental health days off from work, etc.

There isn’t much going on here, but for that reason, this fragrance is almost impossible to have strong negative feelings about, since it’s only an anime princess.

How could anyone hate an anime princess?

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