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Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Gardenia

27 Mar

Perfect Gardenia is alive and breathing on my skin.

Not like an alien that has taken control of my body, but like a real group of actual lush plants have suddenly appeared inches from my face. This is definitely one of my favorites from the Perfect collection. Thank you so much for the beautiful sample, SHP.

Perfect Gardenia pure oil has a wonderfully bright green botanical garden quality, which harmonizes with the richness of the gardenia very well. This smells like the healthy white flowers with some of the outer petals just starting to turn a tiny bit brown, and some buds just opening. It lasts quite a while, but the projection is low, so you can wear it whenever you want without stinking out the whole movie theater. PG is a very light gardenia due to the lack of projection, so anyone who associates gardenias with olfactory assault, should give this one a try.

Perfect Gardenia is lush plants surrounded by warm tropical humidity. It reminds me of walking around in the glass enclosure at the Botanical Garden where plants are watered from hoses that extend upward to produce “rain” at regular intervals.

It also reminds me of salty sweet creamy flowers hanging over fresh grass in the long shadows of early morning. As the Sun climbs higher, all the insects are singing in the dense heat of Summer. It is being gently touched on the shoulder to wake up.


Sarah Horowitz Parfums What Comes From Within: Peace

12 Mar

What comes from Within: Peace is a personal pool party in a bottle. Thank you for the lovely sample, SHP.

WCFWP starts off with soft fruit sherbet creaminess and pool-side aquatics, as well as Sunlight beating down on the cement around the pool. There is an uplifting, citrusy-brightness that lingers in the afternoon air.

My friend in high school had pool parties every Summer, and this sweet fruit with musk and citrus + aquatic notes captures those eternally happy days. Projection is good but not outrageous, as is longevity. It lasts all day and into the evening, drying down to a skin scent for the last two thirds of its life. I agree other reviewers that the aquatic musk can become a little much after you’ve been smelling it for hours on end, such that I am a little eager for it to disappear already towards the end of its extremely long life. This, however, is the fragrance’s only downside.

As it develops on my skin, I suddenly see a tremendous tray overflowing with bright watermelon wedges. On the wooden patio table surrounding the tray, are Ring Pop Candies in bright wrappers boasting two tropical flavors swirled together.

Relaxation. Peace is less a remote, tropical destination, than it is someone’s decked out backyard, where you are always welcome to sit around listening to top 40 radio with tropical Popsicle in hand.

There is an over-sized plush towel with your name on it if your lips start to turn blue, and you can even spend the night if you want to swim more the next day.

What Comes From Within: Peace is the scent of simple consolation in a world full of intense change. It’s an invitation to put everything else aside. To kick your feet up and relax in the bright, warm, afternoon light.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums What Comes From Within: Light

28 Feb

MMM… Salty, oceanic, white flower bouquet in a hand-thrown ceramic vase! This would be the fragrance on the enclosed porch of a beach house on Cape Cod… or at least a perfect scented candle fragrance for one. …

What Comes from Within: Light is largely a freesia lilac fragrance. At the top there is honeysuckle which initially lured me in, since I am still on a mission to find true to life, unadulterated honeysuckle. WCFWL quickly becomes a bunch of fresh florals and aquatic musk. The jasmine is not true to life for me, and though it is present, it is shoved aside by the freesia.

WCFWL remains a linear bouquet with some beachy salty breeze and green/aquatic elements throughout its life, settling eventually into an aquatic musk in the dry down which occurs in about an hour.

I find this fragrance extremely nice, fresh, and un-threatening. Sillage is average but once the florals disappear in the dry down, that aquatic musk clings to my skin for hours. WCFWL doesn’t seem to give me allergies like many freesia fragrances do. Thank you SHP, for the lovely sample.

I could see this one being a go-to fragrance for some when they can’t decide on a SOTD, and a signature for others due to its freshness and wearability. I am not personally moved to own a FB, but my boyfriend loves it on me, so there you go.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums What Comes from Within: Beauty

28 Feb

What Comes from Within: Beauty, is one of those hybrid summer fruits that you see at the grocery store, like a pluot, or a donut peach, or a cross between an orange a peach, and a nectarine? Is it a nectarine? …

The opening is like a nice, light and truly ambiguous fruit salad, leaning more on the soft,sweet tropical side than the sparkling citrus. It does not smell true to life, but would work well if Barbie decided to make a meal exclusively from hybrid Summer fruits.
A peach note periodically floats up to my nose while I am typing, and it smells clean like peach shampoo. It remains linear over the course of its development, fading out into a sweet musk in about an hour.

What Comes from Within: Beauty has low sillage and longevity is poor. Definitely something you would wear for your own comfort. Thank you SHP for the pretty sample.

I do not detect much floral action going on here. All of that must be hidden by the fruit. Nothing bad here, but nothing memorable.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Coconut Milk

27 Feb

Perfect Coconut Milk sometimes makes me think of Perfect Car Air Freshener.

I can see myself standing on the other side of the glass at the car wash, watching large rubber slats bombard my dad’s wood-paneled minivan with lather, as the sweet coconut smell of air fresheners, fuzzy dice, and foot well carpets make their presence known on the fluorescent-lit wall behind me.

Fortunately, there is more going on in this fragrance than that.

Perfect Coconut Milk opens with sweet marzipan candy. The nutty marzipan strikes a nice balance with the salty sweetness of the coconut and vanilla. Thanks to SHP for the lovely sample.

However, as Perfect Coconut Milk warms up on my skin, the gardenia comes out into the open. This is a light, transparent, ethereal and true to life gardenia.

The gardenia does a great job of cutting the heaviness of the almonds. It’s a nice surprise, considering that gardenia is responsible for the heaviness in many fragrances which include it.

Though the coconut itself smells somewhat synthetic, as does something in the sheer sweetness of the fragrance, this in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Despite its initial sweeter than life quality, the composition is harmonious, and it opens up into something surprisingly lovely, warm, balanced, and wearable though not delicate.

If it weren’t in the form of a fragrance oil, it would make a great room spray, since the sillage is very good. In the dry down of Perfect Coconut Milk, a lot of its original dimension disappears, leaving behind a sweet, warm musk that lasts for hours.

If you love almonds, tropical gourmands, and aren’t a bit deterred by synthetic baby doll types of scents, this one is definitely worth exploring.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums Perfect Bliss

21 Feb

On first application, there is a radiating brightness from the yellow sweet and acidic tropical fruits, but Perfect Bliss does calm down on the skin fairly quickly, and within about ten-twenty minutes the vanilla, cedar and patchouli come floating to the surface of this natural and harmonious tropical fruit-scented pool, with flowers growing all around its edges.

As the scent develops on my skin, the arrival of the cedar, patchouli and vanilla against the sugary acidity of the fruit, is what wins my respect for Perfect Bliss. I don’t really know how else to say this, but this fragrance NEEDS those notes. They clean it up and keep it from becoming a fruit-scented avalanche. That, and the amazing way in which the pineapple-like potency of the opening notes mellow out in record speed make Perfect Bliss memorable, though the lingering ripeness of the papaya periodically floats up and takes me off guard. Some people might love that though. It’s not inherently bad, just heavily fruity.

It is so easy for anyone who enjoys fruit fragrances to appreciate Perfect Bliss because the notes themselves are so natural and bright, and yet there are simultaneously many subtle things going on if you examine more closely, just as in nature itself, like a cross-section of a leaf under a microscope, or the fractal of a shoreline. Thank you so much for the sample, SHP.

Perfect Bliss is the first sip of a tropical drink at the hotel’s beach bar on your first day of vacation. It’s not what you would normally order, but since you’re here, you might as well go for it. You sigh deeply as you look around and think to yourself: I finally made it. I’m here.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums What Comes From Within: Love

21 Feb

Thank you Sarah Horowitz, for the lovely samples.

What Comes From Within: Love is the seemingly infinite trail of red rose petals left on the sidewalk during a funeral procession. In addition to the powdery rose, there is the faint scent of smoke and wax from extinguished candles, and cloves, amber and sandalwood create a smoky spicy warmth like the trail of incense left by the procession or the rich spiced warmth of the church interior where the procession congregated before creating their long petal path.

The cloves and amber seem to fuse together with the spicy vanilla, becoming one entity as the musk becomes more prominent in the dry down. Eventually one is left with a light vanillic golden-amber musk, which is subtly spicy and quite pleasant

This is NOT a somber perfume but rather, an intimate, colorful one, which does succeed in evoking a feeling of ritual. This wears lightly on the skin, but feels deep in its composition, comforting and sincere. Similar to the way in which essential oils have holistic properties, What Comes From Within: Love conjures feelings of ceremony derived from self-reflection and empathy.

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