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Chloe See by Chloe

28 Mar

See by Chloe  is the scent of a doll’s hair in a little girl’s bedroom. It’s the smell of the bin containing all of the clothing the little girl uses to play “dress-up”.

See by Chloe opens with powder, and artificial sweet tart apple, with a tiny shake of clean musk. …MMM… fake apples!

The end.

This is a warm, linear, powdery, very sweet, forgettable fragrance with excellent projection and exceptionally good longevity.

I could envision someone deciding to OWN this fragrance and making everyone she encounters associate it with her. The question is, do you want to be this person? Whoever wears this is gonna have to do the leg-work so to speak in terms of lending it character, because it really is nothing more than a sweet chunk of fake apples and powder.

Additionally, the quality of the fake apple scent is so opaque that I really can’t handle it after a while. If I needed something in this category, I would either head to Bath & Body Works and save a bunch of money, or I would save up my money and get a Kilian, since he seems to be all about the peachy, apple blossom frags, only with a much more delicate hand.

If you are especially attractive because you have an authentic uninhibited personality, leave this on the shelf. You can do so much better.

Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil: Forbidden Games

25 Mar

Forbidden Games smells like freshly sliced fuji apples drizzled with honey along with a tiny lil’ puff of peach baby powder with a hint of canned cranberry sauce. Not homemade cranberry sauce…CANNED.

I was feeling down the other night so I took the wonderful sample of Forbidden Games given to me by the lovely and generous Kilian reps at Saks, and emptied half of it running around my bedroom spritzing FG in all directions.

After returning to my bed, I thought, “Ahh… I have discovered the best use for Forbidden Games: Room Spray.” Of course I don’t have the money to use anything remotely expensive as room spray, but in a vacuum, Forbidden Games would be my go-to in order to lift my spirits.

On the subject of “spirits”, wearing FG on my body is an entirely different story. I want this amazingly awesome room spray of a fragrance to lift me up and comfort me at the same time, but instead it falls flat. It does that sharp, “static shock up-your-nose” thing that some peachy fruity frags do, and I couldn’t detect any complexity. as I said before: Flat.

Similarly to how Flower of Immortality is a kind of super soft, fleeting and elusive “fragrance spirit”, Forbidden Games also escapes me with it’s nothing projection and disappointing longevity.

I want the lady from the movie Poltergeist or perhaps the priest from The Exorcist to come and do a reading of me, to see if there has been any PERFUME ACTIVITY GOING ON UP IN HERE. They are professional (well, actors…), but in-character, they alone would be able to detect Forbidden Games on my skin after two hours, or hanging in the air in my bedroom…
the morning after.

Kilian Flower of Immortality

23 Mar

Flower of Immortality opens with sugar-covered yellow & pink Haribo peach gummy candies in a cut crystal dish with zingy black currants and a powdery floral note. Mmhm… not bad at all. Thanks to the awesome Kilian reps at Saks for my sample.

As it develops on my skin, I can now see how it conveys that particularly mild sweet aroma characteristic of white peaches, in contrast to the potently flavorful scent of yellow peaches. The currant and powder go really well with the white peach, but before I know it, Flower of Immortality has reduced to a whisper on my skin.

It’s like the spirit of nectar has in passing, glanced at the top of my hand. Only 15 minutes after application, I am holding my nose to my skin in disbelief. Did I spray perfume here once? I swear it smells like peaches, but it must be my imagination. Or maybe… It was a ghost!!!

Perhaps there is an intentional inverse relationship between the Immortal in the name, and the life-span of this scent? 20 minutes in, I’m smelling basenotes as if the perfume had been applied three days ago and this is all that remains.

I want to put the paddles on this fragrance and shock it back to life. Alas, before I can reach for my cell phone charger, my flame thrower, or my sample vial for a refresher, ANYTHING that might in some way help… Flower of Immortality is already going… going…


Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil: Good Girl Gone Bad

22 Mar

Good Girl Gone Bad is like a slightly sweet, clean, opalescent powder.

The wonderful Kilian reps at Saks were so generous to give me some samples, one of which was Good Girl Gone Bad.

It is soft and gentle, but as the light hits it and it warms up, different subtle colors can be detected: pinks, greens, yellows, and blues, all pastel in nature like a real white opal. It projects about as much as an opal colored powder would, so it’s pretty much a skin scent for the duration of its moderate lifespan.

There is a vaguely fruity element to these ambiguous florals, which start off rose, and then transform into “floral blend”. Also, right from the opening are gentle woody and warm amber elements. The powdery soft peachiness of this fragrance makes me immediately think “Kilian”, though this is not my favorite from In The Garden Of Good And Evil collection, nor from his other recent offerings in the fruity floral genre.

As it dries down, the powdery soapy aspect increases until it literally feels like I have baby powder in my nose when I hold it up to my skin and breathe. The final notes contain tiny gold flecks of amber against a very faint blue glimmer of aquatic musk.

Good Girl Gone Bad is very well blended and the composition is good, but it is not memorable. It’s like a very beautiful and expensive opal ring that you go to visit at the store with the intent to buy each time, then talk yourself out of it, so that EVERY TIME you leave the store empty-handed.

You want the ring, because it’s just so pretty, and it fits you, and if you had all the money in the world, you wouldn’t give buying it a second thought.

But all things considered, it’s inexplicably just. not. good. enough. C’mon..you know it.

M. Micallef Ananda

21 Feb

Ananda begins with the soft perfumed fruit scent of a babysitter’s hair.

It is an inoffensive though synthetic impression of pear and it is soft, very delicate, and feminine. It is sugary sweet, powdery and tart with citrus and currant. There is nothing remotely visceral about it as with other pears that have a pulpy, over-ripe pungency to them. This is a young innocent woman wearing pear in a gently lit children’s room.

The rose makes this fragrance slightly green, but as the fragrance wears on, the vanilla musk/mimosa in the base takes a gentle powdery control over the tart green notes, and only the synthetic silhouette of the pear lingers. Despite the sweetness, the soft delicacy of the dry down ensures that this fragrance never becomes cloying, if applied with reasonable discrimination.

Though it eventually turns into quite an easy and soothing skin scent, there is nothing overtly memorable in the conclusion to Ananda. The babysitter is warm, pleasant, and comforting, but in a few years you will forget her name, her face, and even the scent of her hair.

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