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Puredistance M

13 Mar

M by Puredistance is a cowboy.

M starts off with sweet and salty leather, and warm smoky spices. There is an earthiness which smells like freshly cured leather and vetiver.

The color of the leather pulses like a neutron star in the night. At times, the leather is sweeter and spicier with carnation, cinnamon and labdanum, at times it is more earthy and green with oakmoss, rose, vetiver and patchouli.

M is potent, unified yet multi-faceted, and unforgiving. It projects over the river and through the woods, and it lasts all the way to grandmother’s house. Look out, grandma! The wolf is on his way.

M is a dark, masculine, and seductive character who is known by a letter instead of his full name; that is the gravitas of his mysterious, alluring personality.

Spicy sweet, smoky, salty, earthy, LEATHER.
The florals add to the incense quality of the spices, but all in all this is a leather-centered fragrance. Where would a cowboy be without his cows?

I would ride off into the Sunset smelling this on my skin. If only fairy tales were real.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu

24 Feb

I have repeatedly attempted to review this fragrance, but have found that it is more challenging to describe than I expected. However, I have finally found enough time to spend with it to write about my experience. Sometimes really beautiful understated and complex fragrances take more time. Do NOT write this one off! Spend some time sampling it so you can see how wonderful it truly is. L Artisan is very understanding about the need to sample.

Timbuktu smells like an early Morning walk while camping, with smoky earthy incense notes which smell like a campfire that has gone out. There is leather, pepper, and wood, but despite the depth of the individual notes, Timbuktu is a dry, light and airy fragrance. Projection and longevity are pretty poor, but I enjoy that it wears close to the skin.

It is an intimate fragrance without being warm, seductive without being too spicy. It makes my skin smell as if I have just returned from somewhere very far away, where there is nothing familiar to cling to.

In its animalic earthiness, I get the feeling of clean dry mud, of drawings made from homemade charcoal on stone, tea made from bark and twigs, and the perfume of fine, parched earth. It is cool dry, exotic smoothness, and becomes subtly intoxicating.

Timbuktu reminds me slightly of Emir by M. Micallef, but Timbuktu is more subdued, muted and airy, the blue/grey and raw umber color of smoke and earth. I feel like I could douse myself with it, and it still wouldn’t project any more than it does with three sprays. As it opens on the skin, the fresh earthiness of vetiver becomes more apparent.

Timbuktu smells magical because of what it contains, but especially because of what it DOESN’T. Each of its elements fit together perfectly, with nothing to distract or over-complicate.

I get the distinct feeling that it is intended as an ingredient in a solution made for self-protection. It is a whispered reminder of one’s own inner strength.

James Heeley Esprit du Tigre

21 Feb

This unique fragrance opens with a subtle blend of spices, mint, and incense with dark smoky wood. There is a trace of sweetness in the wood, either from the incense or from the resinous quality of the wood itself. There is also a bitterness to the wood, which may be from the camphor.

I envision this as an extremely well constructed and unique, masculine interior space,(which is not to say that it is a “masculine” fragrance..it’s very unisex to me). Perhaps it is the interior of a hunting lodge, or a cabin deep in the forest, intended for solitude, reflection, and meditation.

In the dry down, there is the resinous wood, tempered by the cardamom and incense with a slight trace of the remaining camphor. The wearer of this fragrance displays an invisible sign which reads, “Do not disturb, or else.”

Tom Ford- Tom Ford Extreme

21 Feb

Tom Ford Extreme begins with an oxblood leather couch in the study of a renowned psychiatrist. The study is lined with books and the sprawling hardwood desk contains a silver letter opener, a meteorite paperweight, and other lavish clutter. Next to the desk is a pipe chest, where an extraordinary collection of pipes from all over the world, fine tobacco, and spiny brand new pipe cleaners all wait silently in the dark.

This rich but reserved fragrance delivers a salty creamy leather note, slightly sweet tobacco, woods and scotch, incense, a soft patchouli, and a combination of warm spices, making it intimate but not nearly as loud as I expected it to be.

It wears very close to the skin, such that it feels less extreme externally, but is suggestive of an intensity that is not at once visible, as if the “extremity” were being carefully bottled and stored somewhere under the surface.

Tom Ford Extreme is a depiction of a man who is markedly reserved and sophisticated on the outside, socially at ease, wearing his facade like a pro whenever he is in public or entertaining friends,

but the dark shades of his personality and inner emotional life are almost entirely hidden. They are there, and there is abysmal depth to them, but you’d never know it, unless you spent enough time and energy chiseling away at his confident exterior.

The man who embodies Tom Ford Extreme is not a tasteless show off, and he doesn’t get taken advantage of.. but stick around long enough and surrender your inhibitions to his charm, and you may end up seeing something you wish you hadn’t.

Chalk it up to experience.

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