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Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology: L’Imperatrice 3

22 May

This fragrance smells like a cross between a Strawberry Kiwi Snapple beverage, and a watermelon Jolly Rancher hard candy. However, it does not possess the kind of sweetness that makes me want to drink it instead of wear it. I also find it to be less cloying than some of the summer Escada scents, so for anyone who enjoys those but feels they are a little “much”, this has a similar tropical fruit candy feel and is a great alternative. It also reminds me of a better executed of the new Ana Sui collection. You know, that one with the peacock cap, etc.

#3 has an ample dose of ozonic “freshness” and though the dry down is less than perfect on my clothes especially with a very slight bitterness, I do find it to be a very uplifting scent overall. It’s like an ideal summery body spray disguised by a classy, heavy glass bottle.

My boyfriend said I smelled great when I doused myself with this, (and you really can, because the longevity is only body spray length, though the sillage is considerable). If you have body spray you already love (I don’t), then this may be a waste of your time. Otherwise, a light, juicy candy scent for smelling shampoo girly-clean. MMMhmm.

The dry down smells like someone spilled a strawberry kiwi wine cooler all over my clothes. It is not attractive and it lingers for more than a day. I had to return my bottle. This calls to mind the wise words of natural perfumer and founder of Providence Perfume Co., Charna Ethier who strongly believes in building perfumes “from the base, up.”

Without a quality foundation, even light fragrances with alluring top notes can morph into an unsavory synthetic mess.

Sorry, L’Imperatrice 3.  So close, yet so far.

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto

12 May

Manifesto smells like CGI wood, sweet powder, and tangy dark berries. On the exhale, there is a sweet airy vanilla.

Manifesto is the older, more daring and devilish cousin of Viva la Juicy. It is definitely a contemporary composition. When I first tried it about four months ago, I could not STAND it, but now that I am more familiar with the vast array of generic vanillic offerings that make up this particular fragrance family, I don’t mind it at all. It’s projection and longevity are about average, not unlike Viva la Juicy.

There is a syrupy synthetic DNA code in there that cannot be ignored. However, if you decide to embrace Manifesto for what it is, it can be comforting, reassuring, and ::gulp:: … sexy.


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Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy

12 Apr

Have you every seen someone on the street who looked nothing like you and found yourself facing the overwhelming desire to follow them home to see what their bedroom looked like? Okay, perhaps that comes off as a little voyeuristic or perverse, but it’s nothing more than human curiosity! This is the sensation delivered by Viva la Juicy.


The first time I encountered Viva la Juicy, I did not actually get to smell it. It was in fact, on the bedroom dresser of a complete stranger.

NO, I did not follow a stranger home and then sneak into her bedroom. My boyfriend and I were visiting his sister, and she let us stay in her roommate’s bedroom while she was away. I had never met the girl before, but I was taken aback by the unabashedly normal-girly character of my surroundings as I tried my best to “make myself at home.”

There were Hello Kitty decals all over her walls, pink curtains, pink cheetah print bedspread, an enormous fluffy white elongated teddy bear in place of a pillow, and on the dresser in front of the mirror, was Viva la Juicy. For some reason, I could not muster up the courage to ask my boyfriend’s sister if I could sample her roommate’s perfume. Every time I tried to ask, my tongue was tied. It was like being in a museum display dedicated to the contemporary, all-American twenty-something. It was right in front of me and yet I couldn’t interact with it.

When I returned home and bought a mini of Viva la Juicy at the pharmacy, I tried it out and it totally met my expectations. It was just like being back in our host’s roommate’s bedroom. Sweet, fruity in a pineapple body mist kind of way, thoroughly synthetic, generic, vanillic, CGI florals throughout, and in it’s own way, pure.

Viva la Juicy is the smell of the idea of present day America. It’s like an olfatory “melting pot”. Sure, everyone’s idea of America is different, but there is something so profoundly vacuous and romantically generic about Viva la Juicy, I have to admit it’s extremely compelling. It doesn’t smell specifically like caramel or fruit or flowers. It smells like a young girl with blonde highlights and Ugg boots over light grey leggings, who is concerned with the present, the evening to follow, her birthday, and not much else.

meimei painting

It’s like the adolescence… hell, like the LIFE I could never have (and don’t actually want to have) in my country. I refer to it as “The Jesus Camp Fragrance” when talking about it with my boyfriend. I call it that because it is an intense youthful expression of an ideal that I could never come within miles of attaining. It’s a lobotomy in a bottle. Who doesn’t occasionally wish for the relief of a temporary zombification? Is that not the present-day American way? I can dig it (if only in the form of a fragrance).

Like America itself, Viva la Juicy knows no season, nor occasion. It’s suitable to wear while doing anything your heart desires. I’m just happy that at last I finally get to follow the stranger..

Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil: Forbidden Games

25 Mar

Forbidden Games smells like freshly sliced fuji apples drizzled with honey along with a tiny lil’ puff of peach baby powder with a hint of canned cranberry sauce. Not homemade cranberry sauce…CANNED.

I was feeling down the other night so I took the wonderful sample of Forbidden Games given to me by the lovely and generous Kilian reps at Saks, and emptied half of it running around my bedroom spritzing FG in all directions.

After returning to my bed, I thought, “Ahh… I have discovered the best use for Forbidden Games: Room Spray.” Of course I don’t have the money to use anything remotely expensive as room spray, but in a vacuum, Forbidden Games would be my go-to in order to lift my spirits.

On the subject of “spirits”, wearing FG on my body is an entirely different story. I want this amazingly awesome room spray of a fragrance to lift me up and comfort me at the same time, but instead it falls flat. It does that sharp, “static shock up-your-nose” thing that some peachy fruity frags do, and I couldn’t detect any complexity. as I said before: Flat.

Similarly to how Flower of Immortality is a kind of super soft, fleeting and elusive “fragrance spirit”, Forbidden Games also escapes me with it’s nothing projection and disappointing longevity.

I want the lady from the movie Poltergeist or perhaps the priest from The Exorcist to come and do a reading of me, to see if there has been any PERFUME ACTIVITY GOING ON UP IN HERE. They are professional (well, actors…), but in-character, they alone would be able to detect Forbidden Games on my skin after two hours, or hanging in the air in my bedroom…
the morning after.

Bvlgari Omnia Coral

17 Mar

It’s Christmas at the Dollar Store!

Omnia Coral smells like walking through the pharmacy around Christmas time and smelling the variety of “berry”, “fresh white snow” and “winter woods” scented candles to make your house more festive and fresh during the holidays.

The mix I get of sweet and sour RED CGI berries and florals, fresh aquatic notes, and a surprisingly potent evergreen tree room spray-like cedar note creates the red, green, and white scented candles spread out on both sides of the aisle, under the fluorescent light.

Omnia Coral is much more vibrant than Crystalline. It’s generic scented candle vibrant. It does not project a lot but hold your nose up to your skin and WHAM!

Fragrance in your face!

It’s a candle that has never been lit. Longevity is pretty good, and it dries down to a berry candy powdery musk. This stage reminds me of red Pixie-Stix candy powder in the paper straws.

I know I compared it to inexpensive candles, but Coral does not smell bad. It just smells like a festive collection of colored scented wax, which smells better than a lot of things…sometimes.


Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

15 Mar

Omnia Crystalline smells like an anime princess.

She has soft green eyes containing a sense of tranquility, and translucent sparkly hair which flows down to her knees. Her dress matches her eyes and hair. she has a crystal in the center of her forehead for some reason, as does her horse,(her best friend and confidant).

She is delicate and ethereal. Her proportions are impossible, and she shimmers like an optical illusion; she’s definitely not of this world.

Omnia Crystalline smells like sweet synthetic pear with a very light fruity musk, some powdery notes, and translucent CGI florals. There is a discernable aquatic note as it develops on my skin, which compliments the sweetness of the pear.

Crystalline wears close to the skin, and lasts all day, however daintily. Great for casual wear, and also special moments like mother-daughter bonding, mental health days off from work, etc.

There isn’t much going on here, but for that reason, this fragrance is almost impossible to have strong negative feelings about, since it’s only an anime princess.

How could anyone hate an anime princess?

Jo Malone Sugar & Spice Collection: Elderflower & Gooseberry

14 Mar

Elderflower and Gooseberry is a pastel purple and green My Little Pony doll, with a very long tail… The sweetness goes on and on…

E&G is a powdery sweet and slightly tart, soft fruity floral. I think this one is very pleasant, but the elements are not true to life, though that does not bother me in this fragrance. Perhaps it would have been slightly more interesting if the notes were more realistic, but I’m working with what I’ve got. Even with the CGI Fruits and Florals, it still doesn’t smell anything like lipstick to me like some other reviewers noted, especially not after smelling Prada Candy, which to my nose has an outstanding waxy-lipstick note in the opening.

When I was a little girl, my mother gave me perfumed powder to use, instead of an alcohol-based fragrance. It smelled mostly like powder, but with the added soft sweet dimension of something vaguely fruity and flowery. I think the longevity with E&G is pretty good for Jo Malone, and it projects very well for the first few hours.

I could see this being a great brunch fragrance. When you want to wear something soft light and fresh, but don’t want it to interfere with your mimosa, poached eggs, spring salad, and goat cheese spinach croissant, E&G is a pretty safe bet.

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