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Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline

15 Mar

Omnia Crystalline smells like an anime princess.

She has soft green eyes containing a sense of tranquility, and translucent sparkly hair which flows down to her knees. Her dress matches her eyes and hair. she has a crystal in the center of her forehead for some reason, as does her horse,(her best friend and confidant).

She is delicate and ethereal. Her proportions are impossible, and she shimmers like an optical illusion; she’s definitely not of this world.

Omnia Crystalline smells like sweet synthetic pear with a very light fruity musk, some powdery notes, and translucent CGI florals. There is a discernable aquatic note as it develops on my skin, which compliments the sweetness of the pear.

Crystalline wears close to the skin, and lasts all day, however daintily. Great for casual wear, and also special moments like mother-daughter bonding, mental health days off from work, etc.

There isn’t much going on here, but for that reason, this fragrance is almost impossible to have strong negative feelings about, since it’s only an anime princess.

How could anyone hate an anime princess?

Serge Lutens Chypre Rouge

24 Feb

Chypre Rouge’s opening is sweet and unusual. It reminds me of a decorative tin filled with dry, loose fruit tea. It smells honeyed, fruity, mildly spicy, and slightly floral but NOT FRESH, like the fruit and tea leaves have been dehydrated and sitting in their tin for some time in the back of a cabinet. All of the notes have melded together forming one unified, ambiguously fruity tea scent.

Chypre Rouge smells like an old sachet of red fruits potpourri, intimate and nostalgic. This is a scent that does not convey elegance, refinement, or power, or even comfort. Instead, it is more of a transportive fragrance, than it is a potential compliment or accent to what the wearer brings to the table. Projection is average, and longevity is pretty good.

I find myself wondering how this fragrance would smell if only it were allowed to “open up” with the help of some boiling water, but alas, I think that Chypre Rouge is destined to remain in a perpetual state of dehydrated stasis.

Ineke Chemical Bonding

21 Feb

Thank you Ineke, for the gorgeous samples. They remind me of meticulously packaged Japanese gifts, in that no detail of the presentation is overlooked.

Chemical Bonding opens with a very tart citrus black tea. I detect a light green floral thickened with musk as the fragrance opens up on my skin, though the sour lemon is persistent, with a somewhat synthetic, cleaning solvent-like character.  On my skin the lemon treads that line, but the tea and musk manage to keep it in check.

During the dry down, Chemical Bonding becomes an inoffensive peony musk. It makes me wonder what the whole thing would have been like without the musk. I wish the peony weren’t muddled by the musk and the brash quality of the lemon. If the tea and peony were louder, and the lemon and the musk softer, I think it would be gorgeous. Longevity is quite good, and its projection is moderate.

As it is, It reminds me of a petite and slightly disheveled brunette, on a rainy mission to the bibliothèque to continue her research on caryatids. Everyone seems more attractive when the alternative is studying.

L`Occitane en Provence The Vert (Green Tea)

21 Feb

The lemon and orange starts the Vert rolling and the jasmine keeps it from veering off into the gutter, but it still manages to wobble during it’s trajectory and I am never sure whether it will end up being what I want or not. This happens EVERY time I use it.

I also tried The Vert with Jasmine from the same line, which smelled truly magical on my friend, but when I tried it on my own skin, it just didn’t sit right. It’s a fresh green tea, but I wish it would keep the jasmine, eliminate the citrus,and add something to compromise the acidity like a honeyed hay note or maybe even a trace of patchouli or vetiver.

Part of the beauty of green tea itself, is its earthy, and naturally verdant quality, which is at once smooth, matte, and refreshing (think matcha), but the presence of the lemon in L’Occitane’s The Vert hinders that natural pleasant quality instead of accentuating it. It’s almost as if they couldn’t figure this one out, and said, “When in doubt, add more citrus!”

That said, I continue to revisit this one occasionally to see if maybe just this once, it will become what I want it to be.

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