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Tauer Perfumes Pentachord: Auburn

4 Apr

If this fragrance had only been named, Fruit-Scented Erasers, Christopher Brosius would have nothing on Andy Tauer.

When I was a kid, I had a collection of erasers that were colored and shaped like little fruits, and were supposed to smell like fruit, but they just smelled artificially sweet, and mildly bitter in an off sort of way, and still very much like normal erasers. This is the essence of Pentachord: Auburn.

Pentachord Auburn is cinnamon/tobacco/plastic chewing gum. It smells like the glow of a back-lit, matte-orange hue. It’s like being inside of the orange tunnel on the playground, re-appropriated from raw manufacturing materials, or climbing the wrong direction up the spiraling orange plastic slide at the end of the monkey bars.

It’s a combination of notes from childhood, combined to smell like something very grown up, if not altogether industrial. Cinnamon (sweeter than spicy),  loud synthetic-smelling amber, and very sweet tobacco with orange flower water and rubber. It projects moderately and has fantastic longevity, remaining pretty linear after the opening calms down.

There is nothing “natural” smelling about Auburn, though I don’t dislike this about it. I feel quite comfortable breathing it into my lungs, but only because it is being presented to me as a fragrance. If I were to encounter this scent in an industrial setting or permeating the air in a warehouse or storage facility, I’m pretty sure I’d be terrified.

I first tested this while exploring a glass blowing facility, and am basing this review on my second wearing, not that first one. However, the smokiness in the air of the glass studio combined amazingly with Auburn, making me think it might layer beautifully with a dry, smoky wood-centered fragrance.

Red Flower Organic Perfume Guaiac

17 Mar

This fragrance is bright citrus Christmas.

Guaiac by Red Flower Organic Perfume reminds me of a holiday gift basket filled with large, perfectly ripe grapefruits resting on a table with a centerpiece made from bundles of assorted twigs tied with red ribbons. There is a fireplace in the room that is used regularly but the fire is not burning in this fragrance, though the wood is slightly charred.This grapefruit is not spicy, so the Christmas picture is only half there, but for this reason, I think Guaiac would be excellent for layering (though it does work on its own).

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I am not saying that this is a Winter frangrance. However, grapefruit is a Winter fruit, so that is in part, why Guaiac paints a Winter scene for me.

Guaiac is a very clean scent. It is a realistic fresh sweet grapefruit with faint undertones of woody notes which smell almost smoky or roasted, but not quite. They are hiding under a cloud of very true to life grapefruit, so it is difficult to pull them apart. As it opens on my skin, I can detect a faint tea rose in the background, in addition to the woods. This fragrance is very light, and would be great aromatherapy for anyone who enjoys real citrus with a few hints of something extra. Thank you to Red Flower for the beautiful sample.

Guaiac would also be perfect for someone who prefers essential oil blends to other types of fragrances. It would be good to wear while studying to improve concentration and clear one’s thoughts, calm the nerves, or to overcome nausea. Projection is very low, and longevity is average for an all-natural perfume. I wear it to bed because it puts me in a restful, meditative state.

Ineke Field Notes from Paris

7 Mar

Small empty antique bottles line the window sill in a large shower, enclosed by heavy transparent blocks. An impressive interior space in clear and frosted glass.

My sample of Field Notes From Paris from Ineke  opens with a burst of honeyed, un-smoked tobacco, earthy balsamic sweetness, and fizzy sour masculine face tonic. It is powdery, soapy, bittersweet, and very well blended.

Other tiny bottles filled with lotion, earthy warm and astringent colognes and French milled soaps are arranged on a long, clean bathroom counter.

Field Notes from Paris is a behind-the-scenes portrait of a graceful and refined older gentleman, from the perspective of a visitor.

He is out entertaining friends and as his house guest, you find yourself wandering around the intimate, tobacco-laced contours of his apartment. Particularly interesting to you, are his lavish bedroom and bathroom.

From his expensive collection of toiletries, to the colors and contents of his night stand, dresser, and the heavy purple and gold curtains blocking out the light in his bedroom, you see clearly, the side of him that he sees when he is alone.

He trusts you completely in his home, and as you wander around, You feel a little like crying, though you aren’t sure why. Maybe some day looking back it will make sense.

Nasomatto Black Afgano

21 Feb

Black Afgano reminds me of sticking my face out the window while riding shot gun, gazing at a pink purple and orange Sunset; the kind of Sunset that only chemicals can paint. It’s beauty humming like an engine, fleeting like the Sunset, and very very intense.
It also reminds me of the scent of Bazooka bubble gum, but a more natural smelling, richly designed version, enveloped by exquisite darkness. This fragrance projects an aura of internal sanctuary, like the end to an unforgettable day.

Tom Ford- Tom Ford Extreme

21 Feb

Tom Ford Extreme begins with an oxblood leather couch in the study of a renowned psychiatrist. The study is lined with books and the sprawling hardwood desk contains a silver letter opener, a meteorite paperweight, and other lavish clutter. Next to the desk is a pipe chest, where an extraordinary collection of pipes from all over the world, fine tobacco, and spiny brand new pipe cleaners all wait silently in the dark.

This rich but reserved fragrance delivers a salty creamy leather note, slightly sweet tobacco, woods and scotch, incense, a soft patchouli, and a combination of warm spices, making it intimate but not nearly as loud as I expected it to be.

It wears very close to the skin, such that it feels less extreme externally, but is suggestive of an intensity that is not at once visible, as if the “extremity” were being carefully bottled and stored somewhere under the surface.

Tom Ford Extreme is a depiction of a man who is markedly reserved and sophisticated on the outside, socially at ease, wearing his facade like a pro whenever he is in public or entertaining friends,

but the dark shades of his personality and inner emotional life are almost entirely hidden. They are there, and there is abysmal depth to them, but you’d never know it, unless you spent enough time and energy chiseling away at his confident exterior.

The man who embodies Tom Ford Extreme is not a tasteless show off, and he doesn’t get taken advantage of.. but stick around long enough and surrender your inhibitions to his charm, and you may end up seeing something you wish you hadn’t.

Chalk it up to experience.

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