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Dolce & Gabbana D&G Anthology: L’Imperatrice 3

22 May

This fragrance smells like a cross between a Strawberry Kiwi Snapple beverage, and a watermelon Jolly Rancher hard candy. However, it does not possess the kind of sweetness that makes me want to drink it instead of wear it. I also find it to be less cloying than some of the summer Escada scents, so for anyone who enjoys those but feels they are a little “much”, this has a similar tropical fruit candy feel and is a great alternative. It also reminds me of a better executed of the new Ana Sui collection. You know, that one with the peacock cap, etc.

#3 has an ample dose of ozonic “freshness” and though the dry down is less than perfect on my clothes especially with a very slight bitterness, I do find it to be a very uplifting scent overall. It’s like an ideal summery body spray disguised by a classy, heavy glass bottle.

My boyfriend said I smelled great when I doused myself with this, (and you really can, because the longevity is only body spray length, though the sillage is considerable). If you have body spray you already love (I don’t), then this may be a waste of your time. Otherwise, a light, juicy candy scent for smelling shampoo girly-clean. MMMhmm.

The dry down smells like someone spilled a strawberry kiwi wine cooler all over my clothes. It is not attractive and it lingers for more than a day. I had to return my bottle. This calls to mind the wise words of natural perfumer and founder of Providence Perfume Co., Charna Ethier who strongly believes in building perfumes “from the base, up.”

Without a quality foundation, even light fragrances with alluring top notes can morph into an unsavory synthetic mess.

Sorry, L’Imperatrice 3.  So close, yet so far.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums What Comes From Within: Peace

12 Mar

What comes from Within: Peace is a personal pool party in a bottle. Thank you for the lovely sample, SHP.

WCFWP starts off with soft fruit sherbet creaminess and pool-side aquatics, as well as Sunlight beating down on the cement around the pool. There is an uplifting, citrusy-brightness that lingers in the afternoon air.

My friend in high school had pool parties every Summer, and this sweet fruit with musk and citrus + aquatic notes captures those eternally happy days. Projection is good but not outrageous, as is longevity. It lasts all day and into the evening, drying down to a skin scent for the last two thirds of its life. I agree other reviewers that the aquatic musk can become a little much after you’ve been smelling it for hours on end, such that I am a little eager for it to disappear already towards the end of its extremely long life. This, however, is the fragrance’s only downside.

As it develops on my skin, I suddenly see a tremendous tray overflowing with bright watermelon wedges. On the wooden patio table surrounding the tray, are Ring Pop Candies in bright wrappers boasting two tropical flavors swirled together.

Relaxation. Peace is less a remote, tropical destination, than it is someone’s decked out backyard, where you are always welcome to sit around listening to top 40 radio with tropical Popsicle in hand.

There is an over-sized plush towel with your name on it if your lips start to turn blue, and you can even spend the night if you want to swim more the next day.

What Comes From Within: Peace is the scent of simple consolation in a world full of intense change. It’s an invitation to put everything else aside. To kick your feet up and relax in the bright, warm, afternoon light.

Sarah Horowitz Parfums What Comes from Within: Beauty

28 Feb

What Comes from Within: Beauty, is one of those hybrid summer fruits that you see at the grocery store, like a pluot, or a donut peach, or a cross between an orange a peach, and a nectarine? Is it a nectarine? …

The opening is like a nice, light and truly ambiguous fruit salad, leaning more on the soft,sweet tropical side than the sparkling citrus. It does not smell true to life, but would work well if Barbie decided to make a meal exclusively from hybrid Summer fruits.
A peach note periodically floats up to my nose while I am typing, and it smells clean like peach shampoo. It remains linear over the course of its development, fading out into a sweet musk in about an hour.

What Comes from Within: Beauty has low sillage and longevity is poor. Definitely something you would wear for your own comfort. Thank you SHP for the pretty sample.

I do not detect much floral action going on here. All of that must be hidden by the fruit. Nothing bad here, but nothing memorable.

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