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Cedre Parfums 06130

22 May

Cedre is a wood and flower ghost fragrance.  It reminds me of a Shirley Jackson novel. It is amazing to me how many forms a Cedre fragrance can have. This one surprised me with its ethereal character.

A very light, pretty, powdery cedar with a faint barbershop quality from the violet. Despite its barbershop leanings, Cedre could be worn with ease by a man or a woman, because it is soft and slightly sweet.

It is very light, and well-blended so that the voilet, musk and cedar all weigh in about equally. Its projection is low and it does not last very long, but it would be appropriate for any occasion as a result. Maybe not for a loud party. Then again, who knows?

Cedre is the whispering voice of a beautiful female ghost who wanders the halls of an old bed & breakfast outside of town. She retreats to the lace of the curtains on the windows, but comes out to breathe her delicate sweet perfume right before you round the corner to discover no one is there.

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne

20 Mar

…off the beaten berry path, across the train tracks and over to the electrical plant. Scandalous! Don’t get caught. See the huge sign on the barbed-wire fence that reads NO TRESPASSING? That means YOU, girly.

Parisienne is blackberry candy on the inhale, truck exhaust on the exhale…tangy purple gourmet lollipop on the inhale, asphalt and plastic casing on the exhale…

Wait, am I HUFFING this fragrance in an attempt to figure out what it smells like!? Does that mean I like it, or that something about it is oddly compelling, likes and dislikes aside…

There is a soapy dark chemical shadow in the background of this bright purple sweet and sour candy berry fragrance.

It’s like Strawberry Shortcake’s questionable older cousin: Blackberry Tail Pipe.

I think there is something surprisingly alluring about Parisienne. It has that synthetic purple berry “freshness” that actually goes well with the surrounding sooty chemicals and powder.

This projects a good distance, especially in warmer weather, so it’s probably best for outdoor activities and days when you will be doing a lot of traveling instead of sitting in one place for hours on end. Not something you want to stew in. Better to get wafts of it as you go about your day. It lasts straight through the day and into the evening.

When the berries eventually fade, cold florals take their place as the powder and shadowy industrial notes carry on.

Blackberry Candy *Plus*.

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair

9 Mar

When I was a little kid, I would take a roll of LifeSavers hard candies, and put one of each flavor into my mouth all at once (or as many as I could fit).

One of my favorite types of LifeSavers was the Wild Berries version, which included: blackberry, black raspberry, wild cherry, red raspberry, and strawberry flavors in each roll.

When I smelled Forbidden Affair by Anna Sui, immediately I was putting all the berry flavors into my mouth at once again! It was the exact same combination of translucent purples, sweet, sour, candy, and berry. Really quite wonderful in a carefree, whimsical way.

I suppose that type of behavior would be a Forbidden Affair of sorts… with candy.

Tom Ford Noir

27 Feb

Tom Ford Noir is the scent of being an outsider. It is walking in steel-toe leather boots through an industrial park where large gates and fences prevent you from seeing which materials are being stored and manufactured.

It is heat rising off the tracks as you wait for the commuter train to pick you up in Newark.

It’s Summer Sun on a tar roof of a house across the street from an Exxon Mobile refinery sans the sulfur.

It’s masculine in a Werner Herzog kind of way, which is not to say he would wear it, (I don’t think he would), but he might make a movie about a place that smelled from it.

It is salty, oily, black rubber (maybe a dark purple that looks black) with chemical heat and the sparkle of minerals. It has a sweetness that is suspicious, like an otherworldly stench floating down-wind from a factory.

It has fantastic projection and lasts forever. In fact, it will probably still be here long after we are all gone. It’s almost a sentimental fragrance in that way.

It’s memorable and surreal, like Winter train tracks in the distance, that lead to a depressed town in Connecticut, where once there was a thriving port, but now there is only the Coast Guard,a few dive bars, and a nuclear sub base.

M. Micallef Ananda

21 Feb

Ananda begins with the soft perfumed fruit scent of a babysitter’s hair.

It is an inoffensive though synthetic impression of pear and it is soft, very delicate, and feminine. It is sugary sweet, powdery and tart with citrus and currant. There is nothing remotely visceral about it as with other pears that have a pulpy, over-ripe pungency to them. This is a young innocent woman wearing pear in a gently lit children’s room.

The rose makes this fragrance slightly green, but as the fragrance wears on, the vanilla musk/mimosa in the base takes a gentle powdery control over the tart green notes, and only the synthetic silhouette of the pear lingers. Despite the sweetness, the soft delicacy of the dry down ensures that this fragrance never becomes cloying, if applied with reasonable discrimination.

Though it eventually turns into quite an easy and soothing skin scent, there is nothing overtly memorable in the conclusion to Ananda. The babysitter is warm, pleasant, and comforting, but in a few years you will forget her name, her face, and even the scent of her hair.

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