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Tuberose Challenge: Bond No 9’s I Love New York Earth Day vs. Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower

11 Apr

I did a side by side comparison of I Love New York Earth Day and Carnal Flower, since both are powerful green tuberose fragrances. I Love New York Earth Day is more homogeneous, exceedingly smooth, and the green aspect here is sweeter and translucent, though the fragrance overall is declarative and a great projector.

Pronounced as it is, Earth day has zero sharp edges and rough spots. It’s not even grounded next to Carnal Flower. It’s more like a luminous tuberose liquid, or something that hovers in the air.I find it to be an extremely wearable floral with great longevity, but after a time, something subtly generic/synthetic-smelling emerges in the base, which makes me lean in favor of Carnal Flower’s superior ingredients and crisp, articulated profile. Synthetic hues have no place in this particular green soliflore. Over time, the smooth elixir quality of Earth Day continues to sublimate into an ephemeral and relatively unremarkable state, while Carnal Flower retains its dimension and unwavering decisiveness.

Carnal flower is standing firmly planted on the ground: High heels, ballgown, and hand held way out in front of her to “yield”. Carnal Flower is majestic as #&%@! She’s compositionally layered and dynamic, multi-faceted, sweet, green, vibrant, sparkling, rich, and you can not sneak past her. She’s right in the middle of the cross-walk, with textural green elements containing an almost mentholated tinge. She warns you that you better wear her before she wears you; a challenge you gladly accept. She is daring you to dodge her, to get around her, but you know you’ll never succeed. Better just to surrender. Alright, Carnal Flower. Game over.. you win.


Providence Perfume Co. Hindu Honeysuckle

7 Apr

At last! My search has officially ended.

I have finally found the sweet, airy and powerful true-to-life honeysuckle-centered fragrance of my dreams. Hindu Honeysuckle is magical. It is the perfection of summer, distilled.

One spray to each arm, and the most gorgeous realistic cloud of honeysuckle aroma enveloped me. It was euphoria.
Moments later, my boyfriend (who is extremely discerning about fragrance) turned his head and from ACROSS THE ROOM exclaimed, “that smells incredible.” I looked up at his face and there were tears in his eyes. I kid you not.


Hindu Honeysuckle is a clear and transportive honeysuckle fragrance, conjuring memories of peaceful childhood summers in nature. It has amazing projection and longevity just like the real honeysuckle vine. This is an especially grand accomplishment considering that all-natural fragrances tend to be lacking in the sillage/life-span department.

Hindu Honeysuckle also has depth and complexity, with a prominent ambrette note from the opening, along with lighter coriander and bergamot, then vetiver to give it a green aromatic earthiness. These elements set off the features of the honeysuckle flowers even more, so that they are sparkling and full of light. Jasmine and bergamot linger in the dry down. It is extremely well blended, yet it retains great note separation.

The earthy/herbal elements also enforce that this is a unisex fragrance. It is very impressive that it is an all-natural fragrance because it is so vibrant and layered. However, by any standards (natural or synthetic, niche, indie, or whatever), it is a transcendent and awe-inspiring feat of alchemy.

I would say that Hindu Honeysuckle is worth every penny, but to me it is priceless. It seems wrong to put a figure on something of such arresting, unquantifiable aesthetic value. I personally feel that it is too beautiful to be an every day fragrance (though it’s easy to wear and definitely could be one if you chose), and instead something to wear when you want to create beautiful memories and lasting positive associations. It would be ideal for a special occasion or a sacred personal ceremony. This joyous peaceful fragrance would be a great gift to the person for whom you want to show infinite gratitude; that’s just what I think of when I smell it!

If you love honeysuckle or have never smelled it before and want to know exactly what it smells like, this is the fragrance for you. Trust me, it does NOT get better than this.

L’Occitane’s La Collection de Grasse Preview: Jasmin & Bergamote

27 Mar

I was able to take a sneak peek of Jasmin & Bergamote at  my local L’Occitane boutique and try it out. The collection of four new fragrances won’t be officially released until April 17th according to one of the lovely SAs. I was unable to obtain a sample of this so I will do a proper review of this when it is released, as I was only able to spray it on me in the store and then rush home. Also, click the L’Occitante tab on the right column of my blog, and scroll down to read reviews of two other offerings in the La Collection de Grasse collection:  Vanille & Narcisse, and The Vert & Bigarade. To start off, here are my first impressions of Jasmin & Bergamote.

Jasmin & Bergamote is a very green, mouth watering woody floral. I don’t get any of the indolic borderline acrid qualities that jasmine, true to LIFE jasmine can sometimes have. The jasmine note here is quite prominent, but the (not too sharp) bergamot and petitgrain keep it in shimmering green territory.

This composition is excellent, but it’s not addictive in the same way that their SOON TO BE DISCONTINUED Notre Flore Jasmine is. I’ll be mighty sad to see that one go.

This is how I wish Florabotanica by Balenciaga smelled.
Like Florabotanica, J&B is also a white floral greened way down by citrus and woods, yet it is not headache-inducing or remotely cloying. L’Occitane is masterful at keeping their fragrances wearable, even when applied liberally, without making them weak or watery (Pivone excepted). This would be good for a casual setting as well as for a more special occasion. The bergamot insures that it’s not too heavy for daytime wear. It projects moderately and lasts all day and evening on my skin.

L’Occitane’s (soon to be gone forever) Notre Flore Jasmine happens to be my favorite Jasmine soliflore on the market. It really sparkles and is allowed room to breathe and glow on my skin. It’s more translucent and delicate than the jasmine flower itself, as if the perfumer took the flower and stole all of its best qualities in order to showcase them.

The jasmine note in Jasmin & Bergamote on the other hand, is so well blended with its surrounding elements, that I feel it is closer to the jasmine in L’Occitane’s The Vert with Jasmine, than their Jasmine soliflore. Just substitute the green tea note with green citrus, and woods.

mermanPerfect for anyone who wants a sturdy green floral without complete citrus overload. It invokes a thorough yet  non-specific feeling of serenity and when gifting it to someone, I think it would be a very safe choice. Just wearing it today I have received a bunch of compliments, from my mother as well as from strangers.

Another solid refreshing composition from L’Occitane.

L Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons

27 Feb

La Chasse aux Papillons is a virgin bride in a bottle.

It’s Summer (of course) and I can almost see the yellow pollen floating in the air. Beyond the linden and orange blossoms, there is some other element in this composition that makes the whole thing seem a little faded-out, like one of those small, antique photographs. It’s like a half-imagined memory.

It’s definitely not stale but it’s also not exceptionally fresh in the way Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom is fresh. Maybe it’s too romantic to be fresh? Still not exactly sure what the deal is.

This fragrance is not too light, but it is definitely locket-sized. If something can smell romantic and innocent at the same time, this is definitely it.

The SA at the L’Artisan counter at Henri Bendel told me that La Chasse aux Papillons is a very popular fragrance among brides-to be. I can see why.

It’s a fragrance for real life Disney Princesses, but without all of the marshmallows, spun sugar, and CGI florals that one might normally associate with the word Disney. If you want to convey a celebratory life-loving personality, but still come off as lady-like and without the CGI fireworks overhead, this is your juice.

Cristobal Balenciaga Florabotanica

22 Feb

This fragrance is a little like red oil paint. It’s impossible to get rid of and if you get a tiny drop of it on you, it somehow manages to get all over everything you own. That said, it is a kaleidoscopic blend of florals, which are greened way down to keep them fresh and appealing for those who are repelled by spicier, more animalic or classic floral compositions.

This fragrance is BRIGHT. Florescent white bright. It reminds me of walking through the flower show at Macy’s and thinking, “Woah! That’s some serious flower aroma… Is it really coming from all these flowers, or are they piping it in from some hidden duct?”

Either way, it’s well done if you are passionate about green florals. Not particularly memorable.

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